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This is a review of two of Walter Dean Mayers' books, Fallen Angels and Sunrise Over Fallujah.
Why the United States continues to engage in military actions without a uniform plan for complete victory.
Today the United states is ushering in policies that will plunge the world into darker times
Having been in the army does not always make one feel like a veteran. The sentiments evoked by the word veteran do not seem to apply when all one did was serve in a peace time army.
What indeed did the seed people look like who first came to seed and inhabit the new earth, Angorius? After all they descended upon the new earth from many other worlds and galaxies from within two universes intact. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
The Canadian military reports that suicide within the forces have gone down but the problem is the dark side of military life does not go away because veterans served their time.; many suffer with mental illness.
Since Canada is so small many people don't realize the important contributions Canada has made as a fighting force under NATO. They don't know great generals like Rick Hillier.
What do you think of when you hear the term "waxing?" There is another "waxing" you may not think about revealed in this article.
In Eastern countries it is not uncommon to see battle Queens, women who serve their country. However, the history of the West has been rather slow in catching up.
In Eastern countries it is not uncommon to see battle Queens, women who serve their country. However, the history of the West has been rather slow in catching up.
Charles (Chuck) Colson is a name well known to most people who lived during the 1970's. Colson fell from honor to scandal, which landed him in prison. During this process, his life was changed in another way, which would continue to impact many people even after his death.
Comics can sometime be used to promote things or push product... So here's what may be the longest running free digital comic series whose one sole purpose is... to promote the military lifestyle and sell you on joining the US Military... yes... that's it... why.
Why the United States Department of Defense is vital for the security and stability of the world.
Osama Bin Laden is dead and gone, but a new controversy about his death has started and is likely to gain more traction with the passage of time.
Thomas Lowrie is sweating in his garage. His neighbor asks him to throw some things out from her home. He does the good neighborly thing and out of curiosity takes home an old suitcase. What happened next was amazing for me to read.
Helping to straighten out the confusion of the United States Army's regulation on "Early Separation from the United States Army to Further Education."
Stories of the base being haunted have circulated since before the Korean War from different sources who have heard and seen the unusual phenomena that has taken place at the Army post. First hand witnesses claim that it is impossible to ignore the slamming doors even though there is ...
After India warned its military not to use Xiaomi devices owing to privacy fears, the Chinese firm has announced plans to open an Indian data centre.
Who we decide to become while in college or after has been with us our entire lives. The start for who we will become emerged from the way we were raised, and continued to develop from parental beliefs and experiences. If we want to make a difference in the world, we will follow the e...
Lisa McMann's series, THE UNWANTEDS, tells a tale of twin boys. One is Wanted. One is not. In a world where creativity is a crime and military might is desired, how might you fare? I know I would be among THE UNWANTEDS.
In an episode on SyFy, the Ghost Hunters visit the dark ship docked in Alameda, California and investigate the thousands of reports coming from those who have witnessed ghostly encounters on the ship that is roughly the size of three football fields. From suicides to freak accidents, ...
My family has served in each branch of the U.S. Military. We are Military. My dad served in Italy during WWII. My brother retired from the Marine Corps after devoting over twenty years to the Corps. My ex-husband, while I was married to him, served in the U.S. Air Force. My husband an...
Finding the perfect good luck charm falls onto the eyes of the beholder. The law of attraction, positive feelings, good vibes and the overwhelming feeling of self-fulfilling expectations from every situation and how you perceive it can all affect the outcome, good or bad.
I, like many were riveted to the horrific and heart-wrenching scenes taking place in the United States of America on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. It's a reminder of how much the world has changed.
A true example of heroism, dedication, and loyalty despite the odds. Feeling his death was imminent, Ryan Pitts, single-handed, held off the Taliban til reinforcements could come.
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