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There are a wide variety of physical exercises that are more effective as aids to mental relaxation than in developing physical fitness. They may improve physical balance, coordination, and flexibility, but usually have little effect on strength or stamina. Their value is often more p...
We can all control ourselves if we are willing to put in the genuine being efforts to do it. It may take a little time and patience, but it can be done.
Mind Power is a book for everyone who want to maximise their potential and take charge of their own destiny.The Author Christian Godefroy is a specialist in positive thinking and auto suggestions. The book claims to increase one's creativity, boost one's self esteem, overcome addictio...
I never believed in Visions. I thought they were things that happened in books and movies. My mum had told me about a relative who predicted what one of my sisters was going to look like at birth, I thought she was joking, until it happened to me
Mental health is defined as a state or condition on which an individual feels a sense of well-being. This gives him or her the capacity to live life in fulfillment of what he or she wants to achieve in accordance to the available resources.
A little while ago, I had minor problems with my feet, small sharp pain in my feet that was a little irritating in the morning and once in a while when I walk after sitting. That pain is gone now, and I will detail some of the methods I use as a home remedy to genuinely and succinctly...
Learn some steps by which you can help release the mind and feel much better :)
this article is about taking a mini vacation from all the busy and hustlefull activities of daily life and relaxing your body and mind to a stressless state.
This articles explores how expectations effect our perception, consciousness and our experience of being. A technique is offered for the practice of excluding expectations to enhance perceptual purity.
Assumptions and their detrimental properties filter our perception, modify and restrict our natural mental processes. Learning to let go of assumptions is one of the keys to purifying perception.
Yusuf was shocked to find out new concepts about the reality of life
Located in the center of the brain, the pineal gland is to balance the two cerebral hemispheres. It also represents the bridge between physical reality and the energy. By balancing the hemispheres, prevents oscillation to extreme thinking. Pineal chakra color is royal blue.
dont take people for granted they are not the people you think they are.treat them with dignity and express love
I'm always fascinated by many strange things that I come across when I browse through various internet pages. And at the same time, I also feel that I'm simply loading plenty of garbage into my brain space. I just want to know whether you have the same kind of feeling.
sure my mind is a jigsaw puzzle so I compose all kinds of poetry from sex to vex birth to death .... health to wealth ...and so keep mental stealth
There are some things in life which everyone should follow. But most of them are ignoring it. Do it if you can because it is so much valuable.
This is page is about how to create desired results for good marks in your exams through meditation.
A bit of a motivation piece for those who know they need to be working out, desire to work out, and don't have the self motivation they need in order to get the work out done.
In order to have clarity,you must cleanse all negativity from your mind,body and soul.
We are all seeking happiness in life. Can it be that some people have it more than others. Here's a way of looking at it.
Nothing feels satisfactory in life? Unable to realize your full potential? Tired of chasing goals, achieving them, and yet remaining unhappy? Well, this the usual way we live. But for those who want to live better and more rewarding life, hypnosis offers a a simple way to transform be...
It is an awesome experience that many people who are nearing the end of life to really focus on most of the seed that they sowed in the springtime of their lives. Time spent in the reviewing of the past certainly gives vent to the pressures of mind.
Some one wrote a lengthy article ...of why humans cheat ..still This is my version in reply...
After a long study of the human mind,....six decades.... I have come to such a drastic conclusion.Those who disagree may do so ,with reasons and just don't think you are the last word .
This thought emanates instantly as a consequence of studying human beings across the internet and globe. Basicaklly we all are inadequate human beings masking our complexes
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