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Is competition truly healthy, as it is often touted to be? Could it not be that we were meant to work as a team, and collectively benefit? Here's a look at the comparison.
There are a wide variety of physical exercises that are more effective as aids to mental relaxation than in developing physical fitness. They may improve physical balance, coordination, and flexibility, but usually have little effect on strength or stamina. Their value is often more p...
Energy and matter are interchangeable, sure. But there is more to energy than electricity as there is more to matter than what we see. In short, vibration is what this series of articles is about, not so much any particular health concern.
this article is about taking a mini vacation from all the busy and hustlefull activities of daily life and relaxing your body and mind to a stressless state.
How social media is good for those who like to play make believe but it hurts the actual communication process.
In general, most of us tend to think of our bodies and minds as separate entities and believe they function, for the most part, independently. Yet instinctively we know that is not the whole story. The poem is based on this theme. WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
In order to have clarity,you must cleanse all negativity from your mind,body and soul.
After a long study of the human mind,....six decades.... I have come to such a drastic conclusion.Those who disagree may do so ,with reasons and just don't think you are the last word .
This thought emanates instantly as a consequence of studying human beings across the internet and globe. Basicaklly we all are inadequate human beings masking our complexes
Catharsis is the discharge of affects connected to traumatic events that had previously been repressed by bringing these events back into consciousness and reexperiencing them.
Meditation is meant to purify the mind. But often it is difficult to meditate for various reasons. However, keeping good thoughts in mind during the day is very helpful. The quotes presented here are valuable for keen meditators.
Are you aware the mind controls the body and the connection between the two. Read on and learn more .... who knows ... maybe it will help you make a connection and change your thoughts to change your life!
a short article about over coming fears and striving to be all you can be, regardless of labels people put on you, regardless of your situation. Learning to be happy with yourself, before you can be happy with anyone or make anyone else happy
Human beings fear what they don't understand. Death is the most contraversial and mysteriously misunderstood subject. But, nonetheless certain. By embracing our fear, with an attitude of open-armed acceptance we are released from the dread of not knowing...MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esote...
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