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Mindful eating can help you lose weight, reduce your stress, and enjoy your food more. Here's how to do it.
Depression is an acquired asset of the modern hectic lifestyle. It is a disease that should not be discriminated. It is a medical condition that needs proper attention. Mindful meditation can be practiced by anyone and live free from depression.
What a position to be in when you recognize that God has been thinking about you all along.
This will be a jouney story and about gratitude and my spiritual growth. Primarily to express myself and hopefully if someone comes across it to give the some hope. I know my story is good and I want to b inspiring. If I can make a little cash awesome
Perfectionism is a burden. It can ruin relationships, work ethics, as well as time management. Above all it kills happiness and joy of life. However, a subtle change in the attitude and incorporation of mindfulness in daily routine can bring significant changes and joy in life.
Mindfulness is an impartial watchfulness of thoughts, feelings and experience – without prejudice or bias. It is an art of living in the present moment in the most holistic and therapeutic way. These quotes are precious for any one trying to add value to life by living mindfully.
In the practice of mindfulness there are no failures, you merely catch yourself lost in thoughts. Find out how mindfulness can brighten up your day right from eating your breakfast!
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