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There are a wide variety of physical exercises that are more effective as aids to mental relaxation than in developing physical fitness. They may improve physical balance, coordination, and flexibility, but usually have little effect on strength or stamina. Their value is often more p...
Did you ever think about what it means to live a mindful life? You don't have to be a Buddhist to attempt it. It sounds like a good way to live.
Stress is now known as a major killer, undermining our mental, emotional, and physical health daily in conjunction with both internal and external causes. All of us need to reduce our stress, learning multiple ways to relax, reduce our anxieties and worries, manage our over reactions...
This article is about living now. The best of each moment is always happening for you now each, and every moment. To make the best of each moment is simply to realise this truth, and then to try to start to live from it. As you continue on your life journey, each moment that comes ...
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Abnormal people kill others in the name of their god. How do you remain calm and lead a normal life?
This review gives an overview of some of the main reasons for suffering as presented by spiritual teacher Adyashanti in his book, "Falling into Grace."
A personal journey that led me to discover a new reality with a new perception.
this article is about taking a mini vacation from all the busy and hustlefull activities of daily life and relaxing your body and mind to a stressless state.
This articles explores how expectations effect our perception, consciousness and our experience of being. A technique is offered for the practice of excluding expectations to enhance perceptual purity.
Is it really important that kids learn how to multitask at an early stage or should they be allowed to play like children? Is having a tablet or a cell phone in pre-school a necessity?
Obsessive mental chatter can be highly debilitating. It severely degrades the quality of attention and promotes stress and anxiety. It can be effectively countered by learning the art of mindfulness that automatically calms the mind, besides making people more objective.
Are you running low on inspiration? Here are 4 tips that will help you find your inspiration.
How often do you let layers of rubbish get in the way of you being who you really are? What would it feel like to be authentically yourself?
Is your life so busy that you forget to pay attention to what is going on around you? What would it feel like to be mindful enough to hear nature in it's noisy glory around you?
Do you buy self help books, read them and not take heed of the information you read? Do you find that despite buying books, your life remains the same? Are your books shelf help books?
If you find yourself feeling frustrated that life is moving too slowly, maybe it helps to remember that there are aspects in life that change so slowly you hardly see them. Does that put frustration into perspective and help learn about patience?
Do you ever get creatively blocked? Maybe the answer is right in front of you, and you are too busy being blocked to notice it?
Can you make the best of things, no matter what comes along?
If we are constantly connected to the internet and electronic forms of communication, how much space does that leave us to connect to our heart and to hear the natural wisdom there?
What's the point in de-cluttering our homes if our brains are still busy? Why not decorate from the inside instead, and leave the matching cushions to someone else?
Ever feel short of time??? Try thinking of time differently, and see if this helps you beat that feeling of constantly running against the clock.
Staying in the moment, even if it is uncomfortable.
It's amazing how easily we use words, yet sometimes our words can feel like emotional barbed wire to someone else. How conscious are you of the words you use?
Have you ever considered the impact of impuslive wishing? Should all wishes come true, or should we think more carefully about what we wish for?
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