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Entry level workers are clamouring for a higher wage; but what about those who are retired or disabled and cannot work? How do they survive on less?
Minimum wage discussions have been all the rage, but what about the money required to pay the rent?
After witnessing a few incidents in local fast food places, I wonder about the minimum wage requests.
Fast-food workers and other low-wage workers strike nationwide demanding a $15 minimum wage.
Despite the claims that the economy is improving there is much to fear for those that live below the poverty line in the United States. For those unemployed, underemployed, living on welfare the future seems very stark indeed.
Despite what the merchants of selfishness and greed want to make us believe, raising the minimum wage is the very best way to jump start the economy.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, and people trying to make a case for increasing the minimum wage shouldn't use fuzzy math and out of date statistics to make that case.
How do you feel about employers in the US paying employees under minimum wage? How should the government deal with them?
A short piece regarding the trap of minimum wage jobs. America the beautiful
Billionaire Michel Bloomberg thinks a ten dollar an hour wage for workers in New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world, is too much to pay.
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