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This page is about a spiritual abuse that I witnessed while visiting a church. The congregation was informed they were going to be cursed for the omission of enough money to suit their leader.
Do we act like Christians or do we just talk about acting like Christians? Do we really need to go to church to be a Christian? What is the answer or is there an answer?
Bangladesh Commerce Minister advises people to eat less, and Be the number one on the rating of tax!
In this page I explain why I fell in love with pen pal ministry. I explain the different types of ministries I am involved in. I also go on to give Biblical reasons for the ministries. Then finally I give the reader links to help them get involved in their own pen pal ministry.
This is an essay that tells what I do when I go to feeling sorry for myself. When trouble surrounds me and I need a break from my reality there is a way i can recharge my batteries. I help somebody else!
The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthnam board wish to stop VIP or brake darshan which is meant for VIP’s, business tycoons, cricketers and celebrities.
Bangladeshi ministers act like comedians, it becomes more funny when they advise people to have less food!
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