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My survival story , A miracle is the intervention of God in your life ! in a situation when you really need it
As the hands and feet of Jesus, we minister to the homeless every day, wherever we encounter them. Like the historic Johnny Appleseed (Johnny Appleseed’s real name was Johnathan Chapman, and he was an evangelist as well as an American Pioneer nurseryman), we sow the seeds of God’s...
Imagine being paralised with your entire body broken and unable to feel or move and imagine having a burning desire to move...a fictional tale of inspiration
I have been carrying around several spiritual gems over the years similar to the one I am writing about below. At first I did not want to share them with the world for various reasons, one of which, was that I did not want to project myself as any kind of expert or authority on these ...
It is possible to understand the anxiety of those who are attempting to unravel Sai Baba's remarkable accomplishments. As one experienced investigator put it;"if Sai Baba is indeed able to transform matter, then the whole basis of Western science is nonsense."...
This is a review on a movie I saw called The Miracle Worker about Helen Helen Keller.
This is an essay about Helen Keller who was blind, deaf and mute, but who rose above her disabilities to help others. Helen was a true inspiration and a true Hero.
This article is about Helen Keller, who was a true inspiration. She was blind, deaf, and mute, yet she still made was an inspiration to so many.
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