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Can some people really not walk anymore, or are they just too lazy? Seems it might be the latter sometimes...
When we say prayers, became witness to God's miracle. I would like to share my insights and how I have been moved by the movie "The Cookville Miracle". This contains spoilers.
My survival story , A miracle is the intervention of God in your life ! in a situation when you really need it
I write here of a science fiction that maybe a possibility derived from the invention in MIt of converting thoughts to words
This article is an Introspective look at our significance as a human race.
The supernatural events that occurred thirty-five years ago on the lonely, Indiana highway are believed to be nothing more than a visit from one of the members of the Methodist Church that set up camp in the nearby Acton Campground, established in 1859. The "lady in black" was seen by...
Did Jesus and his disciples believe in reincarnation?
The way to bring Christ into Christmas is to bring him first into our hearts. Here are a couple of poems written about the real message of Christmas. The last section here is a personal message from me about Christmas. I share a time when I closed myself off to the magic of this time...
A free verse poem emphasizing the importance of finding light in today and tomorrow, so as to move out from the darkness of past.
This poem is about a person i.e. me who loves a girl so much that he just cannot explain but is trying to express it through his poetry. This poem is for the beautiful love of my life.
This is a true story that happened in one of the cites in the Philippines.Who do you think be blamed ?
Felipe – it was an unusual name in the tiny island community of Southern Arm off Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula where names like Richard, John, Charles, Benjamin and George had been common boys’ names for as long as anyone in the community could remember. Oh sometimes there w...
You must think I am very lucky to have met such a man the day before my interview. I don't think it was a luck, it was a miracle. I will tel you why.
A disabled women receives a miraculous healing only to see it reversed when she uses profanity.
The results of a miracle are revoked when the recipient uses profanity.
A grandmother forgets she can’t walk when her grandchild’s life is in danger.
As the hands and feet of Jesus, we minister to the homeless every day, wherever we encounter them. Like the historic Johnny Appleseed (Johnny Appleseed’s real name was Johnathan Chapman, and he was an evangelist as well as an American Pioneer nurseryman), we sow the seeds of God’s...
The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us. Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Somethings we pray for something and they are answered in a strange manner
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein.
Imagine being paralised with your entire body broken and unable to feel or move and imagine having a burning desire to move...a fictional tale of inspiration
When we look into the face of a new born baby we can see the miraculous hand of God at work ...then , who can say ' There is no God ' ? ....
New concept? Those introducing something new will be crucified like always. Heaven vs Spaceships up there in your normal night skies as against our escape route to the paradisaical universal home? Give me a break, you say? Yes, I will meet Galileo there and I will relay his hello...
He lives...I know this, because I don't believe he would bring me this far to leave me
Do you heard about miracle fruit? Miracle fruit is a fruit which has ability to remove effect of acetic acid and convert into sweet taste. So it is called a miracle fruit. Africa is origin of miracle fruit plant.
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