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The Mirror...You stand right before admiration of self emulated beauty the giggle is spontaneous and genuine...then you break down into a seeming reunion Just a sonnet
While in some countries, a black cat will mean bad luck in others it's meant the opposite
I'm a firm believer in natural beauty. I do not believe it should be hidden under copious amount of makeup. I agree beauty can be enhanced. But subtly.
"The motivation for the utilization of mirrors on the veneer originated from the encompassing nature," Reform's guideline planner, Marcin Tomaszewski tells Gizmag. "I needed to embed the building into nature."
The mirror of God is always available for us to look into. We should clean it regularly of all of the build-up of dust that accumulates when we forget that he's so near, and so smear it with our own wants, thoughts, and desires. When we shine the light of love onto the mirror of Go...
When people dislike their existing government, there is a civilized way take over, if the new group is more capable.
No one single answer sums up a sole reason for twin births, but scientists have concluded that multiple births more than likely come from a few different sources that may involve fertility drugs, heredity, food choices, race and age. A common misconception is that identical twins are ...
Our dependency on mirrors throughout time has lead to several legends, superstitions and even a few mirrors becoming famous.
I do not like mirrors, they can tell a lie or make me face my reality, the truth I strive to hide, the facts I want to hide. I realise I need to face my fears and take that look, things cannot possibly be worse than they seem or can they?
The tavern has been established as the most haunted night club in the United States, and claims from patrons that they have had spirits enter their bodies while in the club only adds to the proof that this place is in fact haunted. Fifty paranormal investigators and a three-day parano...
Experienced ghost hunters including the Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization have checked into the hotel in an effort to establish if there is in fact any truth behind the almost 100 year old legend that the hotel is haunted by several entities that simply refuse to leave, and have...
Surely this is so how words a magic mirror are reflecting so beautifully what you want to see...believe. Some take them and shake in your face wanting you to believe what they do so they can feel good about themselves..others like me offer them for you to flow with and enjoy as I do...
time changes our face and thoughts as well as the face of the nature, when we see through we can see the past with our errors and gains which carried the next time. if you love some one and if that is a true love you will your taste all through your life under the mirror even it broke...
The strange experience of John Gillingham and the mystery that surrounded it.
German farmer has been flooded with offers after he hung a sign outside his farm indicating that he was looking for a wife.
I look in the mirror, what I see is a mark of a curse.
The two love lyrics depicts the inner feelings of love and desire - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
An elderly man looks into a mirror and sees, not his actual reflection, but a phantom image of the man he once was.
A poem I wrote a while back about finding who you are when you can't see yourself.
What happens when we look into our reflections? What will we find? What will find us? This small poem explores that
The mirror..They tried to teach me how to create a sonnet I could compose better poetry sitting on a bonnet Hence this mirror ere it cracked for ever
My themes in this series are small essays, also called very short write-ups for few thought infuriating subjects or ideas in our life. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Learn to distinguish yourself in other people. Everything and everyone is your mirror. It is only when you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgment and there is no room to feel like a victim of...
This Page is about a Story that i have worked on for a While and i want to show a Little bit of what its about The Story is about a Normal girl who travels in to the past to save it from Evil it has all kinds creatures of Magic
Beauty lies deep within, beyond the beauty of your skin. A mirror does not reflect the real you nor can it see the beauty hidden deep within you.
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