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The Mirror...You stand right before admiration of self emulated beauty the giggle is spontaneous and genuine...then you break down into a seeming reunion Just a sonnet
A little planning and attention can help in transporting your belongings safely when you have to relocate yourself. tips that are simple but at the same time very useful.
The Harmony Inn, located 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, has been a hotspot for paranormal activity for over a century, with most of the active entities living in the establishment for unknown reasons. It is consider the most haunted inn in Butler County.
My spiritual teacher told me to write down my dreams for they will give me insight to many things both here and on other dimensions. They become reflectors of much. However we do have to sort through them because they can meander a lot through different levels of light...enjoy anywa...
The Mirror Displays This poetry emanates out of an interaction with another friendly poet
What happens when we stare at our own reflection for too long? What might we find in ourselves? This short poem explores that
I apologize for the language, yet this was something I read about online. If we seek out individuals that are alike in our own respects, does that mean we are mirrored personalities of those we seek? Inquiring minds want to know.
The mirror..They tried to teach me how to create a sonnet I could compose better poetry sitting on a bonnet Hence this mirror ere it cracked for ever
She's journey and work continues through time and space. She chooses to take on a physical body in ancient India to become an initiate and learn what She already Is. Beautiful video of a space journey and pics of etheric body.
Is shown that babies under 6 months love mirrors. Is demonstrated through a study by the psychologist Lewis, the first year that the child somehow intuits that the image is reflected in the mirror has anything to do with it.
This is the title poem of my upcoming book, my second one, titled, The Room of Mirrors : Reflections in Words. Poetry is a necessity for my sanity... A reason for my satiety... My very entity... Poetry was "The Torrent from My Soul"... Now it is the "Mirror of My Soul"... So let's ...
I wanted to write an enchanting poem. Then without any inspiration, somehow I tried to put down some words. And I spun them into this free verse which I felt was thrilling. I don't know how you feel about it. I have given two different formats to the same poem. I think they give a ...
oh to look into my mind this will give you a sneak peek into a world i drift too often .. To come up with all my craziness so you can feast your eyes and spirits on a work of artistry.
~ that’s how I met her lamerica, lonely & frozen ~ Jim Morrison ~ I know these god-like men all too well: they want one to have faith in them & doubt to be sin ~ Nietzsche ~ I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in ~...
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