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When a newly married wife gets pregnant in the family. Pregnancy brings the joy of the couple.. Pregnancy following 40(forty weeks) leads to delivery of new born baby. Utmost care are taken to maintain the health of the pregnant so that no harm is caused to the ...
Parenting may be considered as a toughest phase in life. During this phase both the partners are very much active and self-reliant. They try to discharge their duties seriously and meticulously so that the assigned responsibilities are properly attended to.
Miscarriages and how they affect you and your loved ones.
An early miscarriage is often viewed as “not a big deal” – simply the expulsion of a mass of unformed tissue. Women who have suffered this fate may disagree. While grieving for the lost child, these bereft mothers may find that they do not get the support they need from family a...
Postpartum Depression is an imbalance that always occur after childbirth and must be checked with the following advise from experts in the field.
Finding out you and your partner are Pregnant, Worlds greatest news ever, nothing compares to it. Doing everything right from the pregnancy test to the Doctors appointments and crash boom bang its all gone.....
Reborn into another galaxy is the book title to my first self published poetry book. As you can see,my profile photo is my book cover. I am currently working on my interior design;then the setup will be bout complete. My book will be sold on amazon. It's soley deticated to my unborn ...
A poem I wrote after my first miscarriage in 2006, hope it helps to express someone else's feelings over the loss of their own child
Answers seem elusive when a woman has experienced a miscarriage.
Why are we hearing about so many government sanctioned murders taking place (through abortion) yet we send in our marines to save the lives of others?
Having a miscarriage is one of the most emotionally painful experiences a mother can have. This is my personal story on how losing a baby, even though early on in the pregnancy, affected me.
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