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Tonight, Father and Mother and I watch the news in the West Wing. Oh dear. I've suspected as much before, but tonight it particularly strikes me: Is South Africa's people and their government even savable from total collapse, or even a complete revolution?
Public schools do not equip enough young people as to how to manage their own money.
How to put yourself out of business in a few easy steps
It is the defective work culture of U.P. electricity administration that accounts for about 50 percent of electricity being wasted in various ways with no concern at official levels.
Sharad Pawar's slapping is a welcome development in the country of by and large submissive people and is an indication how corrupt politicians are going to be treated by people themselves.
Another October 16 has come to alert the world that many are hungry. This year’s World Food Day has is observed with the theme about “Food prices-- food crisis to stability”.
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