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As hunters confess blunders less eagerly than they recount kills, it’s hard to know how many elk would fall if hunters made no mistakes. Perhaps the elk keep track.
Ah, religion... controversial as hell. No pun intended. Now that the world is properly confused about these matters, should we still be spreading religion? These days I don't know what direction religion should go, if any direction. It seems it's tearing people apart, polarizing t...
Molly's got the gang on board to go undercover at the abandoned building. It's a dangerous mission but everybody is prepared to do whatever needs to be done.
Zoey has given up on her spy mission. She's thrown in the towel. Her best friend Duece couldn't be happier. Life will get back to normal and there will be no more talk of vampires, ghosts or anything remotely like that.
The day has finally come. Zoey, Mom, Duece, Chloe and Bernard are walking down the street to the old stone house. They are going to welcome the new neighbors to the house. Bernard is carrying the cake that mom made. He also has garlic in his pocket just in case he has to ward off ...
Zoey and Duece had a terrible night. They went to the stone house and had to run for their lives when Zoey stepped on a twig. They made it home safely and now they have to deal with the repercussions. Duece has a lot of explaining to do.
Strange things do happen around us and it may be because of our tight schedule that we simply ignore them. Do you know what it means to slow down and enjoy the views on your way?
A brief look at a year in the life of Gracia and Martin Burnham, missionaries to the Philippines. They were among the hostages taken by Abu Sayyaf and held hostage in the Philippine jungles for over a year. Her book tells of that ordeal. This review was originally published in the Boo...
Release schedule for new games is here. We highlight the important ones for you. These are all meant for various gaming platforms like PS4 and Xbox.
I was detailed for a mission over Tibet and had to postpone my rendevous with US AF captain.Even now when I think of teh mission, I feel happy as one of my achievements of my flying days
Despite our earnestness to bring about change we hit one road block after another due to the majority getting played out by a small minority with selfish interests. Let us keep the goal of inclusive growth and globalization in mind to march ahead.
Moses met God in a burning bush. The burning bush is all around us. We often fail to see it. Instead of taking off our shoes and bowing before the divine presence we get busy in picking wild berries.
A man caught a shark and he climbed inside the shark's belly so that he can have a picture to show to the world how he survive from that shark.
The interview for talk radio show with Mr. Brett Scudder
you cannot feature in a future that you do not picture.
I met Lily Rose on 1 January. I celebrate the anniversary every year. But the distance of time and space between us has been cruel on the cord of the spiritual bond. Now my boyhood heart sighs to feel her close.
dreams are strong driving forces to what many of us want to achieve.they are the driving forces we need to keep us hard working and focused
After being recruited by the mysterious Collen Fanta is taken to a safe house where she runs into a familiar face. Will this be a welcoming situation, or will it ignite a war?
Letting Intuition guide us, setting big goals from a new enlightened perspective, and moving confidently in their direction, knowing their accomplishment is inevitable.
Having returned to Los Angeles with a powerful new perspective, a clear head, and the passion and drive to LIVE my dreams, I have been inspired to share my experiences and document my journey in the only way that I can express it- BLAZING with the FIRE that can never be extinguished.
At the corporate level strategic planning includes corporate mission and objectives, defining strategic business units, allocation of resources to strategic business levels.
I had the remarkable opportunity to spend the Christmas of 1983 in Bangkok Thailand.
Anagarika Dharmapala was a great national leader par excellence and his enthusiasm and tireless efforts made him drive his human frame to lengths beyond common human endurance and in a noble life dedicated to national and religious causes, he has left inspiration for his compatriots w...
A disciplined organization is an organization with happy and inspired workforce. Although a lot of companies haven't realized the value of employees; who can do an essential part within the achievement from the corporation’s goals and vision.
Going on leave in an AN 32 was a great adventure. One engine of the aircraft failed and it was a feat to make it land.
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