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Sitting in a garden an old man watches day become night. Watching moonlight and stars he reflects as nighttime's magic comes alive.
Under the cold moonlit sky, there lies a silent story of winter love.
A museum and aquarium in one where you can enjoy with your five senses the authentic account with the underworld. It is a place that made the first successful water tank breeding of saury in the world.
There are so many words to describe autumn. Different emotions arise in this season. Some people dream, some become nostalgic of the past. Writers are stimulated to write a beautiful piece of their imagination.
There is always hope as long as you won’t give it up.
Burning flame seeped beneath the skin Flared intensely like a ball of prism
A special service where you are served a special food in addition to the coffee that you ordered in the morning.
Carol found a mysterious mail in her mailbox. What role did she partake in relation to this mail? A breathtaking unique love story.
I would like to share my very own recipes of Japanese Dishes. These are very easy to cook. Maybe you can cook them too in your homes.
Have you ever thought of how the earth looks like at the beginning? The existence of some rare things and places at present give the impression that the earth is full of mystery.
"Annona is a genus of flowering plants in the pawpaw/sugar apple family, Annonaceae. Annona species are grown for domestic or commercial use, mostly for the edible and nutritious fruits. Many of the species are used in traditional medicines for the treatment of a variety of diseases. ...
Love is a four letter word that makes one's world go round.
A story that shows the purest expression of Bushido and represents the essence of the Samurai Spirit, demonstrating duty, loyalty, and the powerful bond that existed between a retainer and his master.
A communal place to relax, communicate with others while soaking inside hot tubs. A kind of recreation for others.
I decided to write this as a way of showing my appreciation for the warmness and support of each and everyone in this group. I hope that we will always be a family here.
A 76-year-old man who was previously an entertainment executive, turned to become a naked hermit in a place that he considered his paradise for the rest of his life.
"In the depths of the mountains, Who was it for the aged mother snapped One twig after another? Heedless of herself She did so For the sake of her son"
Food is essential in our daily life. Some food can be eaten raw and some may also undergo some forms of preparation for reasons of safety, palatability and texture. How was food prepared in ancient times?
The "Giant Lantern Festival" features a competition of giant lanterns. Some gigantic lanterns span a breadth of 40 feet with geometric shapes and myriad colors.
I tried to write a simple poem about my brother "Buzz". I know him well?
The delicate flowers of sakura blooms only once a year and when the rain fall on them, they start to fall and say goodbye.
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