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On the advice of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office, I recently alerted Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner that the University of Illinois is being implicated in the criminal conspiracy conceived by Barbadian parliamentarian Donville Inniss to deny me the proceeds of my intel...
Donald Trumps bite may be worst than his bark. He may be channelling 'the Beast' of Revelation.
In this third instalment of my #Barbados50 articles, I address an apparently Norfolk-sown criminal conspiracy that one Norfolk policeman seems to think exists only in my head. I also explore how this Norfolk-sown conspiracy may be linked to the race, religion and gender Barbados-sown...
I am not sure what to make of Prime Minister David Cameron's recent claim that Jeremy Corbyn hates Britain. Is it deliberate, deplorable, party political demagoguery or does it point to a profound, authentic failure of insight and empathy? Which man loves or hates Britain more? I offe...
To commemorate the BBC's "Democracy Day", I'm launching a "sprawling novel-like" analysis of mental health provision in the UK and elsewhere. These articles offer a holistic view of my past and on-going interactions with various Norfolk and Barbados-based individuals and organization...
It turns out that Republican politicians are very poor prognosticators.
An American study has revealed a strong link between fast foot consumption and memory loss. But might this alter UK Domino's Pizza "dictator" Surinder Kandola's corporate ambitions or policies, or is he likely to forget about this in a day or two?
Should my former employer the American fast food giant Domino's Pizza be held accountable for an apparent death threat one of it's employees has made against me? And is it just a coincidence that Sloan Gaon, CEO of the American digital publishing company that recently unilaterally te...
Been out looking for work but can't find a job? Well, it's all because you're lazy. Just ask a Republican.
The Climate Change Debate continues, shining a light on The Right that is most likely detrimental to their efforts to elect a conservative president.
Balancing the knowns and unknowns of America's gun culture.
I have joked about Obama's spoof, where he plays himself, as Lincoln film star Daniel Day Lewis might play him. But as race relations are in the US today - and as the "hung parliament" there demonstrates - he's more likely to be lynched, politically and historically, than "Lincolned"...
This article is probably not something you want to read. It most likely does not apply to you. There is nothing saying that you should read it. If the previous statements did not deter you, feel free to read on – at your own risk!
First in a forthcoming series articles detailing the strength of my unfair dismissal Employment Tribunal claim against Domino's Pizza.
An update on my on-going campaign to rehabilitate the UK's largest Domino's Pizza francisee, owned by millionaire businessman Surinder Kandola. In this up-date, I share the text of an Indiegogo crowd source funding appeal I've started to cover legal costs associated with my campaign. ...
Uh,'s a story about puppets, and their right to, uh...protest?
Every day is a journey, comprising of many ups and down. A true desire of success and an optimistic approach towards destination makes it easy all the way. So let us cheers and give a warm welcome to year 2013.
Joe the donkey really had me working over time with his lies during this debate. I feel as if the Vice President of the United States would have a bit more dignity then this but, Joe once again showed me why I have no respect for him.
Mr. Romney did a 60 minutes interview with Scott Pelley, one which I missed. I missed it that is, until a fellow wikinut writer wrote a story about this interview that also included the you tube video of this meeting. The can of worms was then opened.
After Clint Eastwood made an appearance at the Republican national convention, Mr. Obama's campaign team decided they had to take on the big bad 82 year old and I guess, give us all world peace, what's a President for.
It seems that Mitt Romney's attitude about the poor and uninsured is "Let them eat cake."
Ann Romney and her shortcomings as a surrogate in the 2012 Presidential Campaign
Mitt Romney and how clueless he is when it comes to everyday Americans.
Rolling Stone Magazine makes public a recording of Romney speaking at a private fundraiser
Mitt Romney and how he is handling the tragedy in Egypt.
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