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Mobile apps are famous because they have made life easier and convenient. One cannot think of living life without having a mobile app and this is the reason, today, mobile devices are more than the people on earth. With the presence of mobile applications, mobile devices have become e...
Whether it is about individual or a company, mobile devices have made a great impact. There are many applications in app stores today to fulfill the need of daily life. Nothing in our daily lives has remained uninfluenced from mobile application whether it is sleeping, eating, work or...
The increasing use of the electronics has although made our life comfortable and luxurious, it has its own loopholes which need to be thought about and steps have to be undertaken by each and every individual , be responsible, to clean away the garbage created by the electronics.
This cell phone readable Barcode is the most spectacular piece of software that I have yet seen. It can store phone numbers, URLs, email addresses, text messages and pretty much any other alphanumeric data that you can think of on a tiny oddly patterned square...
Distributor Ingram Micro on Monday announced that it will start pre-booking Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be available in three variants with storage capacities of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.
its price is lower. True-Octa-core processor 2 gb ram 8gb internal 5 inch display hd
HTML5 Magazines adaptatifs pour ordinateurs, tablettes, Applications HTML5, mobiles, smartphones avec UBIQUITY
A new mobile phone is coming in market with flexible screen which is really amazing feature. Read this article to know more.
This article is about the Disadvantages of Mobile Phones.
Mobile application makers are creating new business opportunity for people in search of a job or just some extra cash. Small business and consumers are embracing this exciting new path.
It has a short introduction of Dr. Zakir Naik's activities, his thoughts and his constant dedicaton towards spreading the right and truthful meaning of Islam which is th word of Allah, the word of Justice. In this process he had introduced a Islamic Smart phone known as Peace Mobile f...
Sometimes I think many of us get heartedly sick of cell phones/mobiles and peoples' voices blaring everywhere, of banging, shouting, noise noise noise...what happened to the peaceful seems to have left long time ago....
We begin to know that those who make these smartphone are unknown manufacturers that offer smartphone with the latest technology and developments in the world of mobile phones, but many smaller prices terminals to major brands like Samsung, Iphone, Nokia, HTC, why in times of crisis a...
When you read this you can probably substitute los angeles for the place you dwell unless you are fortunate to live in a place where nature and loving and respect still dwell. Of course not everybody is as I have written and there are many beautiful places to visit in this city of An...
Need to understand that mobile phone are not that beneficial than hazardous to our health.
Walking through our lives can oft be difficult...people have little or no consideration for others...loud voices, banging, mobiles and cells yakety yak..but we have to keep on keeping on letting go of what does not work...
Everywhere we go we see scenery. This poem is intended to spark imagination and humor.
Out of total population of the world 5 billion possess cell phones. Pakistan considered as the third world country is not far away in making some major contributions in this race
This is about our society of yelling people who on their cell phones, mobiles and wherever they go, their voices so loud upsetting all near and even far from them.
Because parts are reusable approximately six occasions, the piling up of plastics could be reduced. The friendly to the environment green mobiles don't use anything but recycled parts for manufacturing. These kind about 50% to be able to 80%.
Dropped your phone in water? Want to know how to recover it? Follow these simple steps to find out how.
Universal video format for any mobiles? You may think it is unimaginable. This article will reveal truth about the universal output video solution through my own experience.
What to look for when getting a Smartphone and what to do once you get it home.
The Computer age is fast changing with great possibilities and easy abilities to control and command mobiles and the general PCs. The A-Z Windows Key Commands reveals the general ‘Windows key’ commands you will use to work with your PC running on Windows Operating System.
Science has brought many changes in the world. There was no means of communication before. Human beings used to communicate with each other with the help letters.
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