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In August 2011, Deborah and her partner , affectionately known as Helping Hands, set up Proboards, which is a site that celebrates Gareth Gates. After three years it continues to thrive, read on to find out more.
Experts column is a re-launched writing site, but it has not yet come to terms with the ethos of a writing site. Perhaps it could look at Bubblews or wikinut for a path.
I just want to thank Wikinut admin and moderators for giving me a star page badge in some of my articles. This achievement motivates me to write and publish more articles and become more active in this site.
Proboards is now in it's second year, and is constantly changing. Read on to find out more about it.
Whew! It's been a journey, and I'm nowhere near the finish line. Twenty-five Wikinut articles in less than 25 days. So far I've made less than 25 cents (American), but I've gained over 2500 page views and am working my way towards 25 new Wikifriends.
There are new Wikinut moderators. Who are they and What could it mean?
Some of the writers and moderators has inspired me to write some of the articles that I have written here on wikinut. And as it turns out it has been a very good experience for me. To all who I will mention in this article, I like to say thank you for your inspiration for my articles.
Captain James Galiac Sananda touches on Canadian politics, its queer governance and the electorate's frustration and disaffection, which is not so unlike that in America and in Europe. - James Cortez
Through our lives, at least for most, someone has come forward to assist us. The assistance has been physical in the world and then for those of us who are blessed wayshowers have come forward to guide us in our spiritual inner awareness..this is a dedication to my Wayshower.
Mark was so kind to clear some ones fundamental doubts Grateful Mark
EC is a writing site that is now about 2 years old. However there is more hype and little substance in this writing site.
Ever stared a blank page in the face and decided it was worth the challenge? Ideas seem the currency of the writer, yet where do we get ideas from? Often it is the world around us that inspires, it causes the poet to write of its beauty and the philosopher to write about its wrongs, b...
My relentless attacks on Wikinut, my mother site, have finally boomeranged on me, a prodigal son.
I just wanted to write a tribute to "Our Mark" after his Heart attack
Are you homeless or helpless choosing which way to go what to see is the journey we all take within. Our thoughts and feelings about who we are and who others are influence the way we see ourselves and others....enjoy!
With extreme happiness and grateful tributes to all those who manage and entertain Wikinut, I dedicate this millennium article to your pleasure. I feel privileged to share this happiness with all of you.
There is a journey we all as souls have to make but before it begins we sit in the Higher Realms with Lords of Karma choosing what we want to complete in our next lifetime on the planet. This is about one soul's choices...enjoy
When people living above you cause you upset what do you do. As I have written acceptance is the first law of spirit...not making the situation right just knowing it is the way it is. What to do...the very best you can no matter what....
Proboards celebrates its first birthday and continuing success. If you want to be involved, just read on to find out more.
"Our life is gift. Our body is a Holy temple that must not be stained by any sin. Aside from that, let us appreciate what God have given us.Let us not blame God for all the imperfections we have. Rather, let's thank Him! For these imperfections made us unique."
Moderation need not be a final condemnation, Or an "Agree to Publish" is, of course, always welcome. A few rounds of verbal banter and/or discussion Might give an opportunity for some more revision.
Easter is almost here, and i just wanted to send my love and good wishes to all at Wikinut. Read on to find out more
A review of the writing site, Wikinuts, with reference to its positives and negatives
Are there really earnings to be made here at Wikinut or are we being taken for a fun but earnings-free ride?
This message is for everyone who is connected with Wikinut. Read on to find out more
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