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Ancient thoughts of love and money are no more relevant seek thy inner self guys and gals..This poem deals with moderna love and money bliss
In 2015, Amazon released a product known as the Amazon Echo, which is one of the best ways of achieving a modern home and lifestyle. The Amazon Echo is a Smart Speaker made to be a digital assistant that you could reach practically anywhere throughout your home. Many people saw the p...
An insight into the meaning of fashion and how lifestyle is closely associated.
Modern sexism.Today the world is facing a newer sexuality This petry just highlights what is tis it
Yoga practice is gaining popularity in the modern world. It has been found as the most effective panacea for most of the health problems today. It is not a mere fitness exercise as many people think. Yoga is a lifestyle of health.
My computer is on the fritz so it took me from 9AM to !!:30AM to put this poem about our future coming under the weight of our pre-modern world.
We live in a world of advertisements, come-ons, modern conveniences, add-ons, get rid of the old (my) phone and up with new "and we are simply trying to help you"...
This is just one poem, a poem about some of the things that make me scratch my head and ask why. I know we are all different, but it just seems to me that there must be a way we can all get along without hate.
Obesity has become the modern physical and social epidemic. Most of the modern people are concerned about their weight. There is a close association between sleep and obesity.
Yoga has become the mantra of the recent decades. Yoga is a good practice to control weight and maintain a good health. It can relieve you from your stress and strain of the body and mind. It can help all functions of the body.
A young woman in Pakistan was stoned to death by her uncle after the order of Panchayat because they found out that she has cellphone. I compare her to Mary Magdalene who was about to be stoned by the male in the time of Jesus. Mary Magdalene was spared from death but this woman was s...
This is a contemporary version of a Biblical psalm. It is one author's point of view.
What do you Believe In? Are you one of those who will defend your beliefs till your death? Or are you simply a member of the silent majority by whom ignorance ensures good ideas never win? With tolerance at an all time low this leaves he world with quite a challenge about ideologies.
How Much Calcium Do You Need? Fear of shadows is very distressing. It causes many health problems. It creates more fear in you. If you switch on the light the fear goes away.
Time is money. Modern life is more worried about earning fast money. Day and night people work hard for increasing their earning. Whenever you meet such people they say, “Oh, I do not have time for anything.”
it is a poetry about how suffocating is our modern technological life nowadays and the depression of living in a cyberworld
This life style when becomes old enough and goes deep in the roots is called the civilization. All the world civilizations are founded on some ethereal or mundane beliefs.
Don't encourage cyber crimes. Be true and be good to get good benefits from this modern devices.
This article is about the usage of the modern equipment
Being patient is a powerful yoga exercise. Yes, it is an effective exercise for both mind and muscles. Unless you practice it daily, you cannot acquire the virtue of patience. Patience is a great yoga and is the most appreciated virtue.
This page is about the modern generation and modern life
A look at how culture itself as changed and how youth's views on culture has changed. Some of this article deals with the modernisation and westernisation of the meaning of culture as well as the actions, behaviour, reactions, philosophies patterns of thinking of modern society on cu...
This article is about today's modern and fast moving generation for whom all close relations are meaningless in comparison to the relations with outsiders. The article is written in common and simple language which will not let you face any high order thinking problem. The main motive...
This page is about the new trend and modern apartments.
As starting from its first part its based on my lifelong research of more than 3 and half decade for introducing scouting as part of modern education system globally. It focus on ancient and modern knowledge and wisdom from east and west. I am leaving a note at the end of the wiki nut...
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