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Africa Needs to needs to grow at a faster rate. Among the ways to do it is via the Modernization Theory.
Patriotism is a feeling that should be present in every native of every country but talking about India, Patriotism lacks vastly here and should not be so.But what are the reasons that led to such circumstances in our country.
Since the early ages of the Agrarian revolution, the world has continued to advance technologically. With great inventions, man’s intelligence has slowly given reason to introduce new technologies such as computers, robots, and many others into the world’s labor force. On one side...
A look at how culture itself as changed and how youth's views on culture has changed. Some of this article deals with the modernisation and westernisation of the meaning of culture as well as the actions, behaviour, reactions, philosophies patterns of thinking of modern society on cu...
Global warming is a menace from past century, resulting in soaring temperature throughout the surface and atmosphere of earth. The threat to the ecology is getting accentuated with each passing moment, as the clock is ticking quite fast. Wake up friends !
The different species of flora and fauna found in Korea's geographical landmark thrives even at present times.. Example, unusual tree besides the gingko, which is seen throughout the peninsula, is the paulownia tree. Its large leaves and vivid purple flowers make it attractive and ...
An essay about the difference between globalization and global modernization, with a look at specific instances of both and their ramifications.
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