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If you detect a musty, sour smell in your basement, you might have a tiny water leak. Together with poor ventilation, the soggy water can easily result in mold build-up. And that build-up can cause nausea, asthma attacks, skin reactions, allergies, and other severe health problems.
If you don't replace CPAP parts regularly and clean it properly you can get very sick.
Welcome to the world of Chihuly the artist, the effulgent genius that echoes--reverberates--creativity, expression, fantasy against the perfectionism that deems to dominate our thoughts, ideas, and stop them before they are realized. How can we find the cork to our fear and release i...
What kind of conversation do you have at your spiritual table of food?
We are a nation slowly being tricked into soft slavery, bringing down our once mighty house and nation. Soon, there will only be rust and dust in what was once a great place! We are accepting bondage!
Does everything have a purpose? If so what is the purpose of mosquitoes? What is the purpose of weeds? What is the reason we have flies?
A short poem which discusses the many facets of Love
After a flooding event from a storm or appliance malfunction, the carpet in a home or office becomes soaked with water. This leaves the carpet and the materials under it as a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. If left on its own, the carpets will become health hazards, cons...
Mold spores are almost in all places. Mold development is the most productive within warm, however higher indoor moisture and poor ventilation can result in mold development at any time. Within decreasing the chance of mold, provide adequate ventilation and cut moisture level in mold-...
This an experimental poem with multiple rhyming words coming one over the other in the next line in every stanza. Every stanza conveys a philosophical message.
Well, not really, I just thought that sounded amusing. /insert thought-torrent here Oh, and "a not-so-hidden message..."
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