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Gifts Mom is sure to love this holiday - an apt assortment of gift ideas priced under $100 that she can enjoy on the daily
My remembrance day ... tribute to my Momma. Instead of remembering her passing ... I celebrate her life.
I enter Junior High and find that things are changing fast. I take an interest in girls.
Mom has a new baby and it's a girl. Everyone is making a big fuss over her just because she's an old girl. No one wants to play with me anymore.
Do you sleepwalk? Ever wonder if your child will grow up to be like you? Did you have night terrors then sleepwalk as an adult and now your child is having night terrors and are you wondering if they, too, like you, will sleepwalk. That is if you had those two problems with sleep.
It is an interesting story about scarcity of food and how a mom tactically solves the problem. Moms are known for their sacrifice. This is a fitting story in this Month of Mothers.
This is a poem that I wrote expressing how I see my mom in me. I can see my mother in so many ways within myself.
A view through a keyhole of life, love, loss and what comes after. Take a treasured glimpse of one woman's journey encapsulated into one tiny golden nutshell.
This is a letter a wrote to my sisters when my mother died. We had lost our father 10 years before, we lost our mother. I was only 35 and both my parents were gone.
Do you know the difference between attachment and tiger parenting? The field of parenting is full of theories, here are the top 7.
Mothers should not be confused first. No harm, accept their good advice, but you also need to be smart, respond to some other opinions, which is not necessarily true.
Let me dedicate this poem to all our mother who dont stop loving us. We salute you Mom.
How could you .Nowadays we all are becoming too self-centred We even forget moms some moms can't ever be forgotten
This article discusses life as a stay at home mom who also works from home.
Locke-Ober's famous Coquille of Lobster Savannah as made by my mother.
Is it too much to ask that we should be super moms or is this something we should aspire to. This article is my opinion on how I want to be a super mom and what I will do to get there.
I'm just voicing out for those children who lost their life before they can even start on it. The loss of seeing how wonderful life could be.
I had stated that I would keep people updated on my progress with using the principles from "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes. Unfortunately I was derailed when my mom passed away earlier this month, so I thought I would write about that instead.
A poem of a working mother who would much rather be home in a more domestic role.
These are letters about everyday life written to my deceased mother.
A small story showing the real concern of a baby sitter who refuses to take the role of mom.
Cheats and tips for keeping up with over achieving mothers in the playground.
I've just come into Tower Mansion when I hear Mother talking to a dog outside. I believe she's probably gone to call me at my studio so I go back out again. Yup, there's Mother again, frustrated that I wasn't there where she was looking for me. She wants me to come eat.
A couple of haiku's I've written on various topics. This batch involves haiku about my parents, breastfeeding, resentment and gluttony. Hope you find time reading these short poetry.
Indian spacecraft missions to the planet Mars already started the process of preparing to travel for 300 days.
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