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Aisha, was my wife, Afroz's, mother but she has a special place in my heart and a few days ago she appeared in a dream telling me to write down my memories about both her and my father using my skills as a writer, a challenge I could not resist. I have to say Aisha has a special place...
Do you have a special loving mom?. Can you find words how great mom has been in your life?. They maybe right here read and find out....
With my wife we have been discussing the influences that we believe empowered us to understand the English language properly and perhaps the most important of these being what we read, particularly as a part of our youth, especially as the two of us have so very different backgrounds.
Religious based riots over the killing of a Muslim cleric in the popular tourist city of Mombasa is certainly cause for major concern. At the bottom of this is reactionary religious fervour and a separatist movement. All of which is likely to prove disastrous for the city that is also...
Having recently returned to Mombasa the experience has caused me to reflect on some of the past times that I visited the city and had time to relax and enjoy. Mombasa is known for its white sand beaches.
An Interesting way to sight see, awaits tourists at this getaway coastal town of Mombasa.Read about the way you must travel, once you get there.
If you have never been to Africa and Especially Kenya, this is where the true adventure in the wild begins!
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