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Just in a moment...our driver turned right ...a car following at jet speed...overtook him,.. next what happened read on
Our traveling feet not only march over winding paths or rocky mountains, but trudge through a journey of emotions, feel the earth like a pulse, and the heart still exists in it all.
Some people may not know that today is World AIDS Day December first, this moment is celebrated to raise awareness of the worldwide AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of the HIV virus. Own AIDS Day was first conceived during a meeting of health ministers of the world in 1998. Since th...
Six Little Poem 1.The Chickens' Fate 2.The Alone Desire 3.The Circle 4. A Moment in Space-Time 5. Life 6. The Wolf Has Come
Written for my wonderful amazing Justin who is finally coming to be with me and will be here on Friday.
How could you .Nowadays we all are becoming too self-centred We even forget moms some moms can't ever be forgotten
Another poem written for my wonderful Killik. I love him with every breathe that I have.
This poem is about missing someone I love. I'm sad I can't wait to see the person again.
This poem is about taking the step into the right direction. You will feel happy with a bright future.
We make choices as we walk our path through life although it has already been set up before we came onto this planet. Then we choose how we will walk our walk and always I find a loving path is the very best way and being joy filled ..for joy is the manifestation of the soul...enjoy....
Every time I feel you in myself, you remain near heart, every moment, every time. Devoted to all lovers, feel the heat of heart. keep enjoying and keep loving.
She ....she came for a moment..A great poet came across the life of a friendly poet ....Then he asked me to place the meeting on record.... Now she is no more..
Written for my wonderful Killik that I love with every breathe I am. Erotic poem you have been warned.
Have you ever wished to be alone for a moment? How did you overcome this loneliness? Read my story to know how I overcome it :D
This is a reminder to live life to the fullest and take in the moments as they come. We only have them while they are here.
Written and dedicated to someone very special to me.
Sometimes in life we are given second chances and we should take them when we can.
Was written for someone I thought was special. About how nothing else matters but the love you have with someone.
This is an old tale about how a rough unschooled opponent of a great swordsman meets his match, not in swordsmanship skills, but in the sharpness of his words. They penetrated right through his thick skull, killing the poison that was there. He was enlightened, and his heart was ope...
It's wonderful when someone completely embraces all of you and moves you so completely.
A more erotic poem inspired by various things that happened recently.
A poem that popped into my head while going to bed.
Inspired by beautiful conversation and moments. Inspired by a special friend.
An awkward encounter in a doctor's office. Where a nurse walks in on a patient in an awkward moment.
A moment play, one page scene that depicts a moment between two people.
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