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Just in a moment...our driver turned right ...a car following at jet speed...overtook him,.. next what happened read on
Momentary Ecstatic Enchantment....What may happen the next moment is just unknown but that anything can happen is well know.
Some people may not know that today is World AIDS Day December first, this moment is celebrated to raise awareness of the worldwide AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of the HIV virus. Own AIDS Day was first conceived during a meeting of health ministers of the world in 1998. Since th...
Just like a toddler may need a time out, there are times that mommies need one, too. Here are some suggestions to give mom a much needed break. Husbands, here are some great tips to get out of the doghouse.
She ....she came for a moment..A great poet came across the life of a friendly poet ....Then he asked me to place the meeting on record.... Now she is no more..
In a moment of quiet contemplation I asked myself the question,
This is my letter to my beautiful daughter Arianni, she was born on November 13th 2012 and she is my first baby. Isn't she beautiful?
I remember that day I had a revelation that gave a total turn my existence. It was a moment of clarity that awakened in me a personality that had hitherto known only in scattered moments throughout the years.
Do you have a special loving mom?. Can you find words how great mom has been in your life?. They maybe right here read and find out....
This poem depicts the presence of feelings like love in the absence of words..!! The way of communication is through eyes..!!!
This is a prayer of a Man in front of his Lord passing through all THREE emotions of LOVE- Before Love, When in Love & After Love!!!!
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