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Just in a moment...our driver turned right ...a car following at jet speed...overtook him,.. next what happened read on
Momentary Ecstatic Enchantment....What may happen the next moment is just unknown but that anything can happen is well know.
Why music (or reading aloud) can make a seriously ill person smile and to forget about its depressing present.
Some people may not know that today is World AIDS Day December first, this moment is celebrated to raise awareness of the worldwide AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of the HIV virus. Own AIDS Day was first conceived during a meeting of health ministers of the world in 1998. Since th...
This is a part of a memory of my childhood days. just reminiscing and feeling happy
How could you .Nowadays we all are becoming too self-centred We even forget moms some moms can't ever be forgotten
Life should be cherished, enjoyed, rewarded, memorable and sometimes, we are lucky to have and share special moments with our loved ones. Those times give us some of the best pleasures in life.
This poem is about being trapped, in a past moment, when I was full of happiness. I can't back go back in the past; I have to live in this current time.
This poem is about my wondering what will happen in my future. This is about the fears of what will happen.
She ....she came for a moment..A great poet came across the life of a friendly poet ....Then he asked me to place the meeting on record.... Now she is no more..
This is a reminder to live life to the fullest and take in the moments as they come. We only have them while they are here.
Written for someone I care about deeply that has made me smile once again.
The Poem highlights on the lovely moments in our life - WILLIAMSJI
What's life? i know right? no proper answer can be given fr that one. That is only what I am trying to justify here and also telling about the factors,and every bit of life:)
This poem throw lights on the memories that best friends share. Basically the poem focuses on how friends enjoy every day and then suddenly they get separated as they go to different cities or colleges.
I found a saying on the internet: collect moments not things. Well I don't totally agree with that
In a moment of quiet contemplation I asked myself the question,
A poem reminiscening on a love. The one person you know was your soulmate
Falling in love at first sight and it seeming like the day has been perfect
Just putting out a table of contents as a trail.. this could work maybe until they fix the problem of only 25 posts showing?
A small poem for those who walk the path of romantic uncertainty.
From the poetry prompt of Robert Brewer and posted on Poem for the poemless on DeviantArt to write an on the run or on the loose poem.
It's that time of year again, time to move sons and daughters home from college for the Summer or for a while, if they just graduated. It can be grueling and annoying or an opportunity to make a memory. What shall it be?
The anguish and hurt felt in the abused, cries out for release, always to be remembered! No, this is not personal, but for all those out there who feel this!
This is an invitation to walk down memory lane where only the best memories are recorded ....Won't you join me ?
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