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My remembrance day ... tribute to my Momma. Instead of remembering her passing ... I celebrate her life.
How could you .Nowadays we all are becoming too self-centred We even forget moms some moms can't ever be forgotten
A small story showing the real concern of a baby sitter who refuses to take the role of mom.
All mom's concern.... kids as I have seen a mom alone can sacrifice everything for her lovely kids
This is my letter to my beautiful daughter Arianni, she was born on November 13th 2012 and she is my first baby. Isn't she beautiful?
Do you have a special loving mom?. Can you find words how great mom has been in your life?. They maybe right here read and find out....
I wrote this song about my mother who died from Cancer in 2007. She was the most self sacrificing person I ever knew!
This page will tell us about how the fetus can grow up in the mom's body and how care he/she to the mom. in the end, the baby killed by the mom. but, the baby still love mom.
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