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This is a country, where tourists from all age group, must visit once – but as a bachelor. Oh wait, do not cancel the trip if you have planned it already with your partner or family, because Thailand will not disappoint any one of you, of any ages. The lush tropical topography and a...
Each and every country has its own unique system of politics. Of all types of political thoughts and ideology ,democracy is by far the best system of administering the country,though there are other forms of system in running the administration of the country.These systems may be ...
Walking in parks or woodlands is our natural environment that one wouldn't like it to end.
Stefan Nemanja was inherited by his second son Stafan Nemanjich - the first king of Serbia.
In the mid 12th century a strong Serbian state was born. A new and holy dynasty was created.
After the Overturn of May in 1903. Serbia gained a new ruler. Peter I Karageorgevich, grandson of the great Karageroge, took the throne.
At the end of 19th and the start of the 20th century, Serbs managed to free themselfs completely from the Ottoman Empire. These new years led to prosperity and reputation, but also to war and death.
Two important countries in Europe like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands still have monarchies. Both are constitutional monarchies yet they are an institution by themselves. However both monarchies have subtle differences that distinguish them from each other
An overview of the effects or otherwise of the monarchical system as practiced in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Australia
Yesterday our Political Science professor delivered a lecture about the monarchy and kingship in Britain. So I thought why would not to write an article on this, So I decided to take my pen and draw.
At 85 years old the Pope is said to be resigning this month, this page questions why, in our aging society where people live longer, does this not happen more often?
An essay about Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan and the role of nationalism in the emergence modern Europe.
During the initial stages of the French Revolution the Constitutional Monarchy was adopted.
Sweden is a country in northern Europe. It has had monarchs for more than a thousand years. At one time, the monarchs were very strong leaders. Today, Sweden’s monarch has very little power. The real head of the government is the prime minister.
I'm guessing that most of you have already heard the distant sounds of Fireworks exploding into our night sky, as November the 5th finally arrives... This event has a long history, and as we warm jacket potatoes in the oven and sip at steaming mugs of soup or chocolate, watching the f...
The British Commonwealth is almost seventy years old and 54 nations strong, united under the British Monarchy. However, as cosy as it seems its past is steeped in the subjugation of those percieved as weak and in need of leadership.
The debate over whether Prince Charles should ascend the throne, or for it to be passed directly to Prince William reminds me of a similar situation from the past.
Most contemporary religious groups are cultic inclined and a great deal of manipulation is involved.
This article traces the history surrounding the change from theocracy to monarchy in Inner Oman.
This article explores the history of the Vietnamese monarchy under French rule.
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