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Some of the greatest rock and metal songs aren't even remembered by the lyrics or the beat, but by the mastermind behind the guitar streamlining a challenging guitar riff that has in many cases put a song on the charts. Memorable guitar riffs have staying power and are one of those sp...
For me the Moody Blues are the greatest. Always have been, always will. Their music and their lyrics inspire the heart to joy. The excitement they afford us with so many of their songs goes on and on. So enjoy this if you will....
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
For all you lovers of the great bands of the 60's this you will enjoy together with music videos and pics of those remarkable musicians.
The Moody Blues video is featured here on this essay of a young woman's journey to find the Christed King deep below the earth. A beautiful journey through ice and music..
~what else is there to say~she closed her eyes~holding her hand~he felt her slip away~bent down low inside~sorrow on his lips~he kissed her face~an angel leaving~no~a sweet angel gone~he felt abandoned~guilty for that~like she had left him~the truth after all~
~he cared too much~never learned to express himself~became adept at hiding~behind the masque of himself~where deeper blood runs~he was weeping~the masque was laughing~a difficult man to know~unless circumstances forced one to do so~a fellow inmate~a sibling~a changeling~
~ghosting is an art for the strong at heart~morals & principles aside~it is accomplished on the wrong side of deading~fun in jest & games~dreadful in fact~other than Halloween~funerals~& nightmares~there’s really no place for it~unless you’re like Henry~& that is all you are~
~there are spaces between~y’know~ever found yourself in a room so crowded you lose track of yourself~just like that you realize you’re the only one there~the only one ever~children know~their imaginary friends are real~on the other end of life we learn~we were right in the first p...
~there’s a stranger in the room~& stranger than the stranger~this feeling my body~my body ain’t mine~I just need a chance~been trying to make it~I don’t think I wanna get over on anyone~or to the other side~unless I have to~
~what’s the matter~where’s your bedside manner~would you take note if I died~leave a kiss on the cold ice of my lips~all corpses are strangers~husks of might have beens~we never know what we don’t know~until we do~there is nothing to be done~
~the night is longer in a hospital bed~longer even than the frontline of a warzone~unarmed & unable~chemo & cancer~enemy allies~needles & beep screens~Judy longs to escape~to sing~but the night won’t allow that~will it to be~
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