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Blue moon comes just once the thirteenth moon in a year ..every two or three years 31JULY 2015 today is blm day
Moon, celestial and ancestral nocturnal luminary, Moon, these are my dreams, Moon in the sky dark... Moonlight...
Walking alone in the night I stopped to look at a full moon, all was so quiet, all was so peaceful.
Sometimes when I look up at the Man in the Moon it is as if I can see the whole world in his eyes.
How a moon path illuminates choices about love and quality of life.
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
The Moon.We all compare womanly beauty to and with the moon Incredible ... women are more beautiful along with us
its a poem I wrote one night sitting outside a Paris cafe
Sitting in a garden in summer watching a golden horizon turn to evening then into night time, then to a new moon and stars.
Sometimes in life you wonder why things happen for a reason sometimes you wonder why the sky is blue or why the stars twinkle or maybe why the moon shines a light on everyone at night. Maybe because god is watching us through the moon light making sure that he can help in any type of ...
Children are used to compel to tell stories while they are getting bed. I am also used to do that. When father is away from his child, the child and father will recollect them with pain. this poem shares such an experience. Children are used to talk unknowingly things related to thei...
This one is about a man that breaks a woman's heart on the night of a full moon
Describing how the moon moves and explaining the apparent changes in the shape of the moon as it revolves around Earth.
Some of the short stories I wrote for the juvenile. The story has an African background. Very interesting and could be used for moon light tales
A random piece of poetry which came out with my mood and how I was feeling at the time. Influenced by many happenings in the previous days.
Some have sung and some have asked. Why is the Moon so bright, and why does it leave us, all so uptight?
The young Officer is a bit of a voyeur, as he ponders some questions to himself, about this his would be Muse.
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