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When you look up the sky it's lucky to have glimpse moon shinning it's glory. Moon has many faces and changes every now and then.
As I strive for some kind of way to create a rhythmic interlude, I find myself drawn to the moon and the sun. This poem is my compilation of that.
This a poem about the moon and how it allows for solitude.
Blue moon comes just once the thirteenth moon in a year ..every two or three years 31JULY 2015 today is blm day
After the sun comes the moon and stars to shine the night gentle and meek they shine giving room for a play..... A night play
Several myths about astronomy are explained by refining the search on celestial bodies which conclude with similar ideas which date back to pre-historic times but remained as unbelievable stories which are actually unexplainable facts.
In this first of a series I look at the creation story as told in the first two chapters of the Bible and offer some thoughts on my own perspective.
Danielle left Max behind to return to her farm. Her heart is heavy with sadness. The trip was a nightmare and she's fortunate to have survived it.
Science has really developed at a very fast pace and we are all happy to see the future so much advanced. But there are also some bad effects of advanced times like today and in coming years, there will be vast improvement in technology which is beyond anyone's imaginations
For a long time now, on many a lonely night, the moon has been my only muse. These are a few of my poems inspired by Luna herself, my one true love. All images accompanying poems are created by the author.
~the first bird, morning sparrow~runs from the sleep thing~there soft ‘cross her face~eyes wide in the moment~I found her on the dappled ground~it is a relaxing view, the parade~its relationship to madness~reading the bible, her lips moved~
I am a recovering writer, addict, husband, and alcoholic who spent 47 years in the bane of my disease because there seemed no way out of my sickness, but death. I had finally come to that fine point in my malady where I believed that the end of addiction would be a dose so big it wou...
all ends sooner or later...but what goes on in between is what matters..a half empty or half full glass always a choice of attitude...some keep on drinking till the glass is empty...more fool they...
Moon, celestial and ancestral nocturnal luminary, Moon, these are my dreams, Moon in the sky dark... Moonlight...
Sometimes when I look up at the Man in the Moon it is as if I can see the whole world in his eyes.
How a moon path illuminates choices about love and quality of life.
Hindrances in life are transient, just like the black clouds that cover the silvery moon. All one needs is that hidden spark to endure that dark phase.
This is a poem about a little witch named Franny.
I believe by studying pictures and paintings we can draw from deep within ourselves to clear any negativity that may be there. We can also express any deep sentiments that have never been said, but that do need to be conveyed.
Society is made or interwoven threads of culture built on religion and traditions. One such tradition is festival where people in the society come together to celebrate and make merry.
This will take you on a journey through space, the moon and on the River Dee...a playful piece yet one to titillate your senses...come fly with me...
It's so true, that love always makes men a poet. it's this lovely feeling that they fall in love.
A dream of meeting the one you love and spend the evening in a cool, beautiful night.
Sometimes it feels so nice to look at the moon at night and dream that you're talking to it, the moon being one of the pillars of love.
Do you experience out of body you see into other realms of light... do you know how to access the moon and clouds...not to worry read this and enjoy...
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