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Blue moon comes just once the thirteenth moon in a year ..every two or three years 31JULY 2015 today is blm day
I am a recovering writer, addict, husband, and alcoholic who spent 47 years in the bane of my disease because there seemed no way out of my sickness, but death. I had finally come to that fine point in my malady where I believed that the end of addiction would be a dose so big it wou...
Walking alone in the night I stopped to look at a full moon, all was so quiet, all was so peaceful.
Sometimes when I look up at the Man in the Moon it is as if I can see the whole world in his eyes.
Sometimes I close my eyes and try to imagine my life without her and then I pray to God and give my thanks to Him a thousand times over for a love like He has given me.
How a moon path illuminates choices about love and quality of life.
The story of youth, of growing up in a world that knew no pain, no heartache. A time when the only songs we sang were of love.
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
The Moon.We all compare womanly beauty to and with the moon Incredible ... women are more beautiful along with us
Sitting in a garden in summer watching a golden horizon turn to evening then into night time, then to a new moon and stars.
Enchanting little fairies, playing with moonbeams and pixie gold
A lonely old hermit tells a short story about a sad homeless man. I wish him good luck.
A poem about dreams and desire and when A fantasy becomes reality even if only for a moment......enjoy!
This is of dreams and fantasies. Its the story about a lonely woman who dreams of one day meeting that special someone. I think it has a bit of a magical feel to it...
[b]I want to share with you[/B] one of my Favorite poems, it was written on a moonlit night in a moment of revelational Surreptitious Expressions. I just hope you like it.
This is the second Story about the" Fluffy's" those little men that live in the clouds
There is something ultimately magical and mystical about a full moon, shining down its glow, basking everything in a silvery sheen... It creates a dream-scape atmosphere, that invites you to wander through mysterious pathways.....
I wrote this for our first wedding anniversary, although we have been together for 18 years,it still was my happiest moment and looking forward to our 2nd anniversary.
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