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Observational Poetry that leaps from Spirituality to wacky nonsense all wrapped up in a beatnik box with a banana bow
Observational Poetry writing while I was living in Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Another Trip into the observational Poetry of the spiritual and mundane world in which we live in
Poems that stretch the boundaries of serious life and finding joy in the simplicity of day to day existence.
Inspired by the local Boston Rastafari Scene and my Spiritual Mother Yvette as well as the Psalms of the Tanakh and the Zen Zion Coptic Orthodox Church as well as the writings of Brother Gad from the 12 Tribes of Israel, these words explore the good vibrations and feelings and overall...
My attempt to counter those within the Anarchist Movement that say "No God" by giving a personal glimpse into my psyche
I intended to write music for these poems but I never did, I hope you enjoy them as they are.
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