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A character study of this Old Testament figure is a challenge for us all.
Earlier I shared a post here on agencies misusing girls,or is it that the girls are doing it from their own free will? Iam still doing a survey and study on the same and i thought I should share this similar article.
Essay on how governance diminishes the virtue of tolerance in people by giving them channels to suppress ideas they don't like
Children’s moral and ethical development needs the guidance. Parents, moral education can’t be the one to leave your house.
Character is the basis for peace or chaos in any society.... In education, emphasis on "good character" is observed the third week of October.
I can see that moral values have declined over the years.
I know we have a lot of good intentions, but how do we put them into actions?
This is a review of ethical soundscape a well written book by Charles Hirschkind. It focusses on the use of cassettes in delivering sermons by the Egyptian.The information contained in this book is clear and very informative.
Sometimes we forget who we are. A lesson we can all learn with a splash of silly.
The United States a nation conceived in Liberty continues to succumb to the greed and indifference of corporate greed and our own government.
Cathy Gipson “We can't control what happened, we can't control what has been lost. What we can control is how we fight to take that control back, and the voice within us is powerful in doing so,” - Cathy Gipson
There are people who are immoral in the sight of God, but moral in the sight of man. Morality cannot be judged right away through actions that a person has been impulsively committed without thorough screening and proper validation by the authorities concerned. In fact, what is moral ...
This is an [link=]article on Robert Bellah's "Habits of the Heart".[/link] Bellah is an American sociologist whose work focuses on ethical and moral problems. Habits of the Heart was publis...
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