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"Uber has been in a campaign but hasn’t been running one" realised Travis Kalanick, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm Uber.(1) "That is changing now"(2) he added before welcoming a new Chief Executive, the Senior Vice President for Policy & Strategy, David Plouffe.(...
Sorry. I was with a selfish person at the time of writing. Selfishness breeds frustration. Frustration manifest into hurt. Hurt led to anger. Anger materialised.
a cornucopia saying Much and yet so little for that is how life thing...non sense for true wisdoM lies within and delusion filters the outer...enjoy
Nursery rhymes are fun to tell especially when you know they oft contain a message hidden inside. I just broke the egg open and this is what came about...enjoy if you will and if you don't...too bad...
Your Creator is poised to do exceeding abundantly above and beyond all that you dare ask, think or imagine ~ according to His Power ~ that you allow to work in you
a poem to read and enjoy
It is the alcohol you so adore Always wanting more and more It’s the love of your life It replaces your wife
Maria Raquel Alcantara Miranda and colleagues from the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil, compared the weights and bio-chemical properties of tomatoes grown in natural way of cultivation.
11th in the More Than Series. This one is about strength.
Did you know that the title of your article and the topic you chose can make or break your earnings? Chances are that you did but did not know how to find a good title or topic to write about in order to increase your online earnings.
The 10th in the More Than Series. This one about Joy.
9th in the More Than Series. This about forgiveness and about how it is more than just forgiving someone.
8th in the More Than Series. This one about how life is more than just living.
7th in the More Than Series. About how family can be more than just blood.
6th in the More Than Series. This is about Beauty and how that can be more than what our society might think.
5th in the Is More Than series. This one about friendship and about what I believe true friendship is about.
3rd poem in the Is More Than series. This time about love and how it is more than what we can give credit for.
2nd poem in the Is more than series which is going to be a series of poems about how certain things are more than the stereotypes and other thoughts it gets. In this case dealing with how Christmas is more than just materialism and consumerism.
A poem to show perspective about marriage and a farther extension of how even though we all gone through certain things we can still have a God honoring marriage and that God believes in the definition of Man and Women in that.
A short poem about the rich and poor of the world, and how giving makes you feel so great, also I ask the question why are we not doing more !
There has been a lot of talk about guns and gun control in the wake of the Newtown School shooting. Many people suggest allowing teachers to carry guns, others call for more gun control. Are these solutions to the problem of school shootings?
November PAD Challenge Day 21- take 5 random song titles and use it in a poem. The song titles in this poem are: Sail Away- Enya, Carry on Dancing- Savage Garden, Already Gone- Kelly Clarkson, Nirvana - Adam Lambert, and Alone Too Long- Hall and Oats. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
It is not enough to write, if you want views you must promote your article further. This will help you make more money.
Let’s keep this one simple and clean - just a bunch of relatively easy ways to save money. As you incorporate more and more of these tips into your life, the savings add up and it wouldn’t surprise me if you could save thousands over the course of a year.
A quick poem about my thoughts when I was standing by myself looking at the moon on a quiet still evening. Must be getting soppy in my old age !
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