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The Book of Mormon is going to be showing to sold out shows for two weeks, not in Ohio, nor any other state one would think. It is going to be shown in Utah, Utah is the state with the most of the Mormons live.
Some thoughts on the many Predictions of when the world will end.
Random things that keep me going in life and through all its stages.
So this is a boring voila type of shindig and honestly, I have no idea what this entails. Let's find out, shall we?
With God, all things are possible. That's it. Let's get on board and start going somewhere with our lives.
Many people today ask if all religions are correct. Here's my response to a recent questioner.
Christianity was Christianity a long time ago before Mormons wanted to combine their doctrines and journals into it.
This article looks at some the official teachings of The Mormon church as found in their official books and writings of their leaders
The voices we hear promoting atheism is almost deafening. But the voices of Christians are being manipulated into silence by cultural bullies.
Mitt Romney's continued, albeit non-dominant, popularity in the Republican nomination race comes despite a strong backlash against his Mormon background. Evangelical Christians in particular have baulked often at his faith, rather than the policies he supports. This is troubling, espe...
Mitt Romney's candidacy in the Republican primary has once again brought up the idea of religion in politics. It is not so much as to whether or not Americans want a religious man, or if they want a Christian man as their president. But the controversy has been whether or not Mr. Ro...
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