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While listening to a Wayne Dyer tape I responded to a challenge which entailed taking a walk in a dark woods in the early hours of a day. This short piece talks about that stroll in the woods, and the joy I experienced as a result.
On a clear winter morning, I thought of you, love of mine.
Some short words and verses, to help us start our days.
Don´t be afraid of anything, darling. A warm kind of feeling is protecting you from any harm.
That moment was nothing but a perfect gift from the Mother Nature
Yes, you read that right. Morning Glory. It means exactly what you think it means, plus a burrito
Music always makes me feel better. I love to listen to all kinds of music genre.
I live in Ecuador where they grow coffee. You would be surprised though how little is consumed here. Coffee is such a personal thing. How we take our coffee says a lot about us. Where we are from, how fancy we are and even a bit about how we relate to the world. A “make mine black...
A new day is dawning and Max hopes to get some answers about Bobby. Miss Renee is afraid of what they shall find but Max is continuing his own investigation.
It is a poetry expression love and passion on a girl
A cup of lemon water in the morning leaves you feel great.
It is a common belief today that by skipping morning breakfast people can reduce weight and can keep their weight in control. But in reality it will increase weight. You may be surprised to read on.
With all the advantages that exist, I think it is important to exercise in the morning is done. Although we do not know when death will take us.
This is another of my acrostic poems written during the 2012 Summer in Canledela.
A very confusing mode in every morning, What I can do? I have tried to find our some good suggestion for same.
Mornings become different when someone decides to act early. Here we see some new actor who creates morning madness.
I like to garden at dawn. It is the coolest part of a long hot summer day. In the early morning stillness there is sense of temporal aloneness and closeness to nature. It is my time to mull things over and connect with what is truly the essence of life...
This article discusses small changes you can make everyday to make you feel great and have tons of energy.
Mornings are wonderful. People do some strange things in the morning. This makes people so wonderful. Temporary insanity includes lots of things like laughing, running along the beach and bending and not picking up anything over and over again. All this happens in the morning.
Smile lights up life. Morning is best time to try it on and do not worry too much...everyone does it. Before you swing your cat in the woods, laugh...or at least smile.
Mornings will not be mornings without the mad rush. However, things get complicated when there is a mystery confronting you. Do you solve it? Do you leave the unsolved mystery behind? Come on, there are things to do this morning.
Mornings bring out different emotions and invoke a range of feelings in different people. So, how does your morning break, with a crack and thud, or trrinkle-tee-tup-tuping gently to lights shining through window shades? Have a good day.
Get going in the gets tough sometimes. However, you can make things work if you develop a routine. Here is a look at one such routine.
Early morning is a peaceful time, a time when you can connect with your heart and soul, think with a clear mind and get many things done. Early morning is a time to prepare yourself to get through the rest of the day with ease.
Nothing seems to happen in the morning if you have not had your cup of coffee. But getting this cup can prove to be very arduous.
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