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A challenge to give serious, intelligent thought to our limited time here on earth.
At the end of life comes death and sometimes earlier than expected from mostly normal causes due to old age, health and disease but then there are those who die from strange and not so strange unheard of causes.
We all know we need sleep to make it through the day but not getting those Zzs can lead to some long-term health risks and consequences.
This articles explores what it means to be 'mortal' as individuals and that of a society. Although we've come to see some of the consequences of our mortality as detrimental, it's also consists of affects that make us definitively human.
Death is inevitable.It is most foolish to fear it.
Bronchial Asthma gives us physicians special concerns. These concerns center on situations such as nocturnal Asthma, Pregnancy and in surgery. How are these concerns of medical significance?
We all hope to have made a difference, to have left a legacy in our lifetime. For most of us the small everyday things we do become but a ripple in the pool of humanity, mattering simply to those we have chosen to love.
Poem in anticipation of a horrible fate. Luckily, the cancer screens were negative.
Coping with letting go, realizing mortality and accepting that thing we, none of us want to accept... That we are powerless to the end of time.
There are three main factors which determine the population size and growth of a given country. There three factors are birth rate, death rate and migration.
~monster poetry~ she made children with a Vietnamese ninja~ married a native american ~ sex & drugs ~ a blood feast ~ the poet in the sewer gargling acid ~ blotter LSD ~ amnesiac doesn’t remember her attacker ~ bloated & infested ~ the body offers no clues ~
Poem about realization. About getting older and realizing how things change. How your life can change.
It is prevalent in the so-called vulnerable groups. This includes the infants, children, the pregnant and lactating mothers.
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