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SBA is not involved in the application and approval process, and this is because the loan is offered through approved intermediaries. The intermediaries are non-profit community-based lenders with experience in lending and assisting in business management.
Having a place that we can call home is one of the most important treasures we can have if not the most important one.
It's the only initiative left to end with homelessness if politicians are going to remain deft and blind to this social problem.
Building home equity is an important part of becoming more financially secure. Home equity is defined as the total value of the home minus any outstanding loans taken against the house, such as a mortgage. By building home equity, a person or family can works towards having a paid off...
Getting a loan in a so-so economy doesn’t seem so advisable. Perhaps you already knew of the previous loans that friends and family have availed only to find themselves scrambling for money to pay it back. If you can’t really avoid that situation, you have to explore carefully opt...
There is a lot of aversion toward mortgages due to sub prime crises, and foreclosures witnessed since 2007. But mortgages are the way to financial freedom, if used the right way.
Tips on how to secure your finance when dealing with debt. If you are struggling with repayment that has to do with various debt types such as credit cards, household bills, loans, mortgages, payday loans and other else, read these tips to helps you managing your finance.
Since 2008, we've heard talking of crisis and recession. Yet, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider. Economy has taken over from politics and governments are mere puppets in the hands of banks and financial markets.
As the government tries to claw back every cent they can from our overweight and out of touch budget and the clock in times square continues to tick along, we must look at how other countries have reacted to the economic downturn which has washed up on the shores of Europe and finally...
This article is about Vancouver Mortgage Broker Miruna Alexandru Launches New Website
Sometimes in life you can feel your finances running away from you. At times like these it's important to knuckle down and take control of your finances. There are many thing you can do get yourself back in control, but two of the most important factors are self-discipline and sacrif...
A lot of people are asking how to get a first time home buyer loan because they’re eager to take advantage of the property prices in the market. Check out the different first time home buyer loans and find out which one of them will benefit you in the long run.
Learning how to buy a house doesn’t stop at considering your mortgage options and finding out how much you can afford with your current income. You should also learn how to minimize closing costs to avoid paying unnecessary fees or high mortgage payments. The key to minimizing closi...
If you don’t have a FICO score or a low one, there still may be hope. There may be other financing options or strategies that can help first time home buyers with credit issues. All you have to do is research and explore how you can qualify for these options.
The ownership of a house is a goal for many of us. However, in some circumstances, keeping the house might prove to be more of a burden than expected.
Need a mortgage but you don't have verifiable income? Try a no-doc loan.
Consumers who are purchasing a home in a high cost of living area or who will be purchasing a luxury or high-end home should become familiar with jumbo mortgages and conventional mortgages. Jumbo mortgages are similar to conventional loans, but they give the consumer a higher amount ...
An explanation of all the available sources of finance to a business to pay for start up, expansion and to serve as working capital for day to day expenses. This article covers both internal and external sources of finance along with their advantages and disadvantages.
Reverse mortgages have helped thousands of senior citizens to have financial freedom, giving them a lot of opportunities to live a more contented life in their old age. The benefits this program provides sounds too good to be true, but if you're ever interested to apply for a reverse ...
Mortgage rates fluctuate just like the state of our economy does. Mortgage rates are linked with how well or how badly our economy is performing.
The housing bubble is over and home prices are at the lowest they have been in a decade. Why are consumers so reluctant to purchase that dream home at a fraction of its original cost?
Trulia CEO and founder, Pete Flint, predicted mortgage foreclosure rates could soar as high as 4 million properties in 2010
Safeguarding your "wealth" whilst making your money grow, during these difficult and uncertain times, has become more vital than ever before. You must look to yourself to change with the times and view yourself as an Investor. But how do you achieve this? In this article I categorise ...
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