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Dreams change... People change... Objectives and means change... How?
It's time to shut down the heart and turn on the mind! Feelings make you weak, so Anna will cast them out! But for how long can she keep all feelings buried?
After meeting up with Karev, he starts the introduction by making it extremely difficult for Anna to keep Alexei out of her heart. Then, they get acquainted and only then, they start fighting. But what if they signed up for something and that something changes?
Second thoughts time was over the minute they lit up the car... Now, everything will resume to kill or be killed!
This is the long version of how I ended up living with the Briels :).
After deciding to leave everything behind, Kea embarks on a quest for revenge. But you know what they say: the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Well, for her, this step will scar her forever!
After witnessing the murder of her loved one, Kea decides to cut all ties with her former way of life, beginning her quest for revenge.
The Chancellor and the French President launch surprisingly a diplomatic offensive to the peaceful resolution of Ukraine's crisis. However, this Thursday they travel together to Kiev, on Friday, we continue to Moscow.
Russia has the UN Security Council submitted a draft resolution that seeks to reduce the funding of the "Islamic State" on.
The Europeans keep in conflict with Russia. EU Council President Tusk calls for more self-confidence. Against the economic weakness in Europe adopt the leaders of a growth package.
The Ukrainian military spokesman accuses Russia of having sent tanks and troops across the border. Moscow, however, rejects the charges as a "provocation" by itself.
They managed to escape their world without a trace... Or so they thought! What were to happen if their expectations will not be fulfilled and the life they thought they will lead was just a tall tale? If they really are determined to avenge their lost friend, they will have to change ...
Moscow's size and complexity, combined with the country's unique language and culture, make the city hard to navigate for foreigners. Here are some tips to help ease the way for business travelers.
If I live in Germany, I will never become a German; if I live in Moscow I will never be a Russian and if I live in Mexico I will never be considered a Mexican. But, immigrate to the US and after a period of time, a test and a ceremony you will be welcomed as an American.
Andrew Gorkovenko based from Moscow is advertising designer is making beautiful ladscape illustrations with Tea
For a fun and relaxing adventure of a lifetime consider a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. There are numerous ports of call during the cruise and the passengers have the option of choosing guided tours or free time and self-guided tours. Be sure to pack comfortable walking ...
Lenin was the leader of the Russian revolution. His embalmed body is preserved in a tomb at Red Square
Here's five minutes of fun entertainment, courtesy of a Moscow flash mob
This is my recipe for how to mix this classic 1950’s cocktail.
The Cheshire Cat has had many more adventures as well as his incarceration in Area 51. He has performed many services on behalf of The United States government, and to benefit free people everywhere. Read about some of them here.
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