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LORD made it clear that Pharaoh was to let his people go, that they may serve him. Exodus 8:1-15 Pharaoh was warned, but not threatened, because the end result was in his hands, he could have controlled the situation with a lot more common sense.
A look at the Book of Deuteronomy and the death of Moses
God and Moses give a new take on the matter of customer service.
Moses murders a man in cold blood, hides his body, and flees from justice.
Moses listens attentively as God continues his discourse, giving particular consideration to the Ten Commandments but also exploring other provisions in the law.
Most people know that much of the events of the bible took place in Iraq. Before the time of Abraham, the ancient Israelites, a nomadic people was not yet known as the Hebrew nation. This article discusses the similarity of bible stories to Babylonian stories.
The Bible says that God gave the Ten Commandments through Moses on the Mount Sinai. Thousands of years have passed since it was given to humanity. Are they applicable even today? Should they be updated? Or will God update his Ten Commandments?
The Israelis were about to enter the Promised Land, but bad reporting turned them back.
Felipe remains in a dilemma. He cannot understand his feelings for Rodney and is angry with God for making him this way.
Fictional short story told in a bit of a poetic form. I believe with all my heart prayers and kisses reach and move the heavens almighty, especially those so sincere and of such faith from a child!
The line between brilliance and insanity may be thin, the simple truth is that the world faces problems of the gravest degree and change is necessary, yet there whatever movements that exist that favour change it is clear that there is a devoid of leadership which mus be addressed in ...
when Moses takes the Jews out of Egypt, he has a staff. This staff clearly has some significance. Here is the tale of the staff of Moses
The mind continued in searching and asked about the meaning of the reactions which didn't have actions from the story of Jesus Christ. In here you see reactions from the period of prophet Moses which made me conclude that my spirit was alive in his time. It appeared clearly that I pla...
I was privileged to visit Israel for 17 days in 1997. It was an experience I will never forget. The places we visited are all described here.
If I had been alive during the time that the Bible was written I think my contribution might have looked like this.
Captain James Galiac Sananda: “Let me now inform ye all as to how it will be forecast in the 'Last Days' of man, then:…” – Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
Enlightenment leads to moral dilemmas. The story of Moses and the burning bush as well as G-d's name are used as examples
Another mix of humor and religon. Hope you will enjoy.
This article has an explanation of the 10 commandments.
This article is an introduction to the Biblical book of Exodus, it gives you a background of Moses and the peoples of Israel, as well as giving you a look at how God provides for his people.
The necessity and uses of water and its importance for all things living
a satire in the desert when the holy prophet waited for God to tell Muhamad and his followers how many times a day they should pray - funny and enlightening
Ever wonder why God says we should celebrate death and mourn when a child is born? Maybe death isn't what we that are left behind think it is....
Can God heal depression? How? Check the article out.
This page explores the census that was taken by Moses, ordered by God of the Jewish people after 400 years of Egyptian enslavement. God gave them the ability to make a choice but He also provided them with everything they needed if they chose to follow his directions-there would be s...
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