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When I wake up from my sleep I hear many voices before sunrise. The softest and the sweetest of them all is the voice in my heart.
"I heard that you intend to move nearer to the mosque". They said, "That is so, O Messenger of Allah, we do want to do that". He said, "O Banu Salimah, keep to your homes, your steps (to the mosque) are recorded".
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
This is the final edition of the series on the most beautiful cities. We have come a long way and scanning through wonderful and mouth watering sites which are good for tourists. And in the last two episodes, we made mention of 10 nice places around the world which are very attractive...
Ukraine is in the eastern Part Of Europe. Ukraine is not only known to have beautiful and very attractive women but can also boast of beautiful cities. Here are some of these attractive cities
In the last Episode, we read about some very interesting and beautiful sites to visit in the world. This episode will be a continuation to the previous. So just enjoy the ride to know the most breath-taking places of the world and do your best to visit some or all. You can scan throug...
Ranking most beautiful or more attractive or most tourist loving or even the most accommodating places of the world would largely always be subjective.
The line of slaves and the dynasties of the Khiljis Tughluqs, Sayyads and the lodis ruled from Delhi during this period.
Do you heard about Golconda fort? Golconda fort is the one of the best tourist place in Hyderabad, India. In this article we just go through Golconda Fort description and images.
why in American one religion has more rights then others by our own Government
United States President Barack Obama praises the values of democracy and the spirit of tolerance in Indonesia.
This article explores the city of Hania on Crete as a great tourist destination.
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