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Malaria is a very common ailment in Nigeria. this post looks at the symptoms of the illness and alternative means of treating it.
I was born in England but I am of Caribbean decent. I love my holidays in the Caribbean but they tend to get spoilt by mosquitos. They love me. I hate them. In fact, they drive me to the point of paranoia.
It's a short note how and why mosquitoes stings and how to prevent it.
In the south, there is a subtropical climate and this is what attracts the mosquitoes.
World cannot boast now that it has eradicated malaria. It is coming back. Return of malaria is more complicated. Even in the US, where once malaria had been completely eradicated, this contagious disease seems to remigrate.
This article is all about The Fatal Attraction of the Mosquito Magnet
Learn how tampering with nature may have caused the extinction of yet another species, this one the Banff Longnose Dace, as I recount my visit to Banff's Cave and Basin area.
This article is containing breaking news from all around the world. This will totally entertain you...
This article explains about Filariasis , its pathogen, transmission, symptoms and control.
This article is totally for your fun and entertainment. So read it and laugh loudly ......
Fear Poured from My Pores... and She Knew It! Running would do no good. I was attacked by the little devil and paid the price.
The monsoon is a season of water borne diseases as well as mosquito carried diseases.Fungal infections are also common in this season so it quite advisable to maintain hygiene in your home along with your neighbourhood
I love summer holidays and enjoy summer days with family and friends on the beach. I also love outdoor cooking and feel proud when every body likes my BBQ and ask me for the recipes:) One thing I don't like in summer , no, in fact two things. First is feeling sweat and sticky and the ...
This article provides a brief introduction of Malaria and provides useful information on how to prevent this killer disease.
Living things go through a sequence of developmental stages. Different kinds of animals have their own unique way of reproducing. They have different life cycles. Only three percent of all of all animals give birth to live offspring. Most animals lay eggs. Animals need to eat, grow up...
In comparison to some of the other deadly diseases that mosquitoes can carry, such as Malaria, the West Nile Virus is not a serious threat. However, we should still take care to protect ourselves and our families from it.
Nowadays mosquitoes have become very busy. They are busy throughout the year. They don’t even take summer vacations which they used to have earlier. Nowadays, they are always busy in their activities, busier than earlier days!
Malaria is a tropical disease which can be potentially fatal. This explains the causes, symptoms and how to best prevent it. Ideal if you going on holiday.
Ever Heard about how to make natural pest control at home? This guide will help you.
We don’t have to panic on just seeing a mosquito. This article is about different species of mosquitoes and how they influence the public health.
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