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As we live our lives and participate in events we can never anticipate when someone we meet will later become a celebrity or household name. In 1978 I met a high school student who was a puppeteer and later moved on to greater things than performing at school or Church functions.
A Mother's love towards her child is unconditional and she is the only one who never asks for a favor.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY is being repeated twice... in bold and italics... as it's a very brief poetry.We all love our mothers ...whether living or no more...No one can ever take a mom's place All know ,even cockroaches crawling over dead bodies .. you come across daily
My remembrance day ... tribute to my Momma. Instead of remembering her passing ... I celebrate her life.
this is for mothers everywhere just a word of thanks i actually wrote this for mothers day but im sure it applies to most occasions
Sainthood is the special honor given by the Catholic Church to devoted Christians who are believed to be in heaven. They are believed to live near God and have the power to intercede for the people on the earth. It is really interesting to know about mothers and children as saints in ...
International Mother's Day is an annual celebration of all over the world. It use to celebrate in the month of March or May on the convincing time of several countries. It is for showing thanks to the mothers for their love and influence in the life of children. In Bangladesh Mother'...
mothers day memories and musings about dark thoughts, golden light and impermanence
Mother's Day never ends. It is a continuous process. It may be the right thing to bring with it a lot of flowers, candy, handmade cards or such sorts of the commercial world. It may be day when radiant moms look adoringly at their kids. These celebrations may inspire our hearts to thi...
Only six performers remain on "The Voice" for the first week of two performances.
Since you do not need any reason to say I Love You Mom.
This is about a person who met some years ago while on tour ( I was a part of an performing arts ministry) and she is the mother to one of my friends but quickly became everyone’s mother we had a bond that grow strong with time she is truly and amazing person.
Wendy still misses the daughter she can never forget, especially on Mother's Day. She may have gone, but she is still in her heart. Read on to find out more.
One of the most haunted plantations in Louisiana invites you to see the phantom carriages that are frequently heard riding up the gravel road. The undeniable clip-clop of hooves resounding in the stillness of the night accompanies the sound of the carriage. A child's cry has been hear...
This a poem dedicated to all the great mothers and fathers in the world.
Father's Day tomorrow, what will you be doing with your Father, will you be seeing him maybe remembering him
A mother-child relationship is the purest of all. Mother is treated next to God due to her pure heart and unconditional love that she has for her children
Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday. We should always be thankful to our mother for bringing us in this world, nurturing us physically, emotionally and spiritually.
This poem tells us how our mother earth looks after us, and what all she provide us.
Mother’s Day is fast approaching so receiving gifts, flowers, candy, and cards are excitant pour moi. Even dressing it up in French, I cannot make the large white terry cloth robe exciting. It is not about being ungrateful; it is about my Mom, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, gifts...
Missing her mother on mother day, and her birthday, on any other day, love you.
Mothers are a great source to go to when you become a first time mom
A poem for all mothers out there so much respect x
keeping memories alive long past a loss even that as great as a mom
Sunday, 12th of May: a Mother's Day parade took place at New Orleans. What nobody was expecting was a crime to happen in a celebration of such an important day. A shooting injured at least 19 people...
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