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At the most difficult moments in our lives, at the times of personal tragedies, if we could but take one moment to be aware of another's pain and feel compassion, we would instantly receive the strength to deal with our own challenges.
A misrepresentation, by our mind, of our true nature, causes endless problems. Listening to the inner voice, and holding a strong faith in our Maker's unconditional love for us, will help us in facing our struggles, and in enjoying what life has to offer.
A page where a stream of poem runs in the body creating goosebumps, motivating you in life,a feeling of being loved and loving others to get nurtured in our genes and standing ahead in the long run shattering all the hurdles and standing under the spotlight.
Never look back! You’ve very little time, So, alive your life’s aim, Don’t kill your valuable time, You’ve no time.
When the world test you, Be cool and calm, Acknowledge them, Then go ahead with a smile.
Life is between dawn and dusk, Life is between hope and despair. But, never shed your valuable tears. Face with a smile!
Accept anything that comes on your way! Life is a cycle of circumstances, There are thousands of instances. Anything can happen,
The sun always rises in the east, And sets in the west. He awakes all of us in the morning, And ask all of us to settle down in the evening.
Good Things will come to You When you see good things, When you think good thoughts, When you say good words, When you do good works,
Life is all about action and reaction, When you give positive action, In return, you'll get its positive reaction.
Make your life Like a garden of flowers, So that your beauty of elegance bloom forever,
God has given us one heart To give love to all His creation. He is the creator of all, We all are his creations.
When you make your heart, mind and soul pure, You'll become a true devotee of Almighty God.
We search Him everywhere, But we forget to search Him in our own heart. We can't find Him anywhere.
In the dark night, When there is no sight, But, my little candle is burning alone, Fighting all alone.
It's the burning of flame, Which has burnt my name. I died before my death, It's the tragedy of my fate.
If you can! Show the eyes of blind; Guide him the right destiny of life.
O rain of peace, wash away all our hatreds, jealousies, sins, impurities and sorrows from our life.
Love is a flower that only bloom in the heart of pure soul. Whenever it blooms in our heart, It makes us divine,
Virtue is a quality of man which ever leads him to his greatness. There is no comparison of virtue with anything.
What is true religion? The religion which teaches us the art of living; The religion which nourishes our life forever; Purify our heart with the nectar of divinity,
Love is like a seeds of plant the more you sow it the more it gives you more and more seedlings of love in your life.
O Heaven! Pour a few drops of love in our heart, Like the showering of rainy season.
The color palette is in our hands. It depends on us What and how we paint our life. We're like the painter of our life.
Love is a word that touches everybody's heart, Whether an infant or an old, Whether birds or beast, Everybody wants to have it.
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