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Some words of optimism to help people through the coming year
Folks, you don't need motivational speakers as you are your best motivator.
You know I was watching people yesterday when I went out. People get devastated over the silliest of things. Everyone has disappointments, setbacks, bad breaks and frustrations.
To be a success story in life, you must possess the courage, the determination, and the will power to become the person you believe you were meant to be.
Loving in itself isn’t hard. Love is perfect. Who can run away from a cold glass of water or a cold beer on a hot scorching day? Let’s make that the experiment of the day see how well you do.
Don´t be afraid of trying to turn your dreams into beautiful realities.
This article is an Introspective look at our significance as a human race.
Words that come from heart have no limit and so is with this article…..
Getting Inspired and Inspiring Anyone is a good Idea to be considered. Let's go ahead with a step by step process to inspire anyone at any moment.
I work, you work and everyone in this Planet works i one or the other manner. Sometimes, time gets very limited to complete such huge Works. Thus, we do commit a lot of mistakes. Here's a beautiful poem explaining the consequences of a Work done in a hurry.
Got a Negative Behavior?? Lost your Reputation?? Here's a book that clearly describes the reasons for your Negative Behavior and the steps to change it.
Happiness is what everyone wishes. But, of course not everyone in this World is happy. Here are few tips that always keep you happy.. This Article is purely based on Experience.
A resourceful page containing the useful tips for a better behavior for a Student, which he usually lacks.
Have a good reading and prove to be productive after being done with the beautiful tips for increasing your chances of getting into an Elective.
I hope the Title itself must be with the Meaning of the Poem. However, here's a poem mainly for Teens. It's really a very well constructed Poem and a meaningful and a resourceful poem
Never look back! You’ve very little time, So, alive your life’s aim, Don’t kill your valuable time, You’ve no time.
When the world test you, Be cool and calm, Acknowledge them, Then go ahead with a smile.
Life is between dawn and dusk, Life is between hope and despair. But, never shed your valuable tears. Face with a smile!
Accept anything that comes on your way! Life is a cycle of circumstances, There are thousands of instances. Anything can happen,
Your life is always not an easy, You’ve to pay for it. You’ve to sacrifice something, To get anything.
The sun always rises in the east, And sets in the west. He awakes all of us in the morning, And ask all of us to settle down in the evening.
Good Things will come to You When you see good things, When you think good thoughts, When you say good words, When you do good works,
Life is all about action and reaction, When you give positive action, In return, you'll get its positive reaction.
Make your life Like a garden of flowers, So that your beauty of elegance bloom forever,
God has given us one heart To give love to all His creation. He is the creator of all, We all are his creations.
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