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As a woman I discovered that finding a reliable trade person is not always easy, consequently i resorted to deviousness.
NASCAR displays a number of flags throughout the race; but what do they all mean?
Motorcycles are frequently discovered on our roads, specifically throughout the warmer months of the year. With the high cost of energy, it isn't unusual that the number of bike cyclists out there is substantially increasing. It is everyone's work to do all they could to avoid bike mi...
A racing driver runs his final (by choice) race. I love this poem.
Marco Simoncelli (20/01/87 - 23/10/11) Moto GP, Gresini Honda
Mario Andretti has won races in prestigious competitions such as NASCAR, the IndyCar Series and Formula One.
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger are more than just a celebrity couple.
Although the driver is the one who gets the public accolades, NASCAR is a team sport and a good pit crew is just as important
Finding the ideal spectator position at the Talladega Superspeedway will help to enhance the racing experience.
Factor of safety of the rider on the MotoGP race on back into the spotlight. This is sticking out after the death of the Japanese racer Shoya Tomizawa, due to an accident at the San Marino Grand Prix last weekend. Moto2 drivers, before 250 cc class, died after falling from his motorc...
Just a motor racing poem inspired from my own racing experience. It may not actually be about me though!
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