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As a woman I discovered that finding a reliable trade person is not always easy, consequently i resorted to deviousness.
Kevin finds that the robot plan for Robbie 2 that he had been working on, has provided a nice supper for a furry friend.
It would appear some weird stuff is happening all around Leeukopkraal and environs. Kevin is warned about it in a message from his father Franciscus Sweefarend.
Increase the efficiency of your motorcycle this summer: things to consider when taking your bike for a spin on the open road this summer.
Another story from a hotel. Everyone you meet has a story to tell, so don't judge too quickly!
Motorcycles are frequently discovered on our roads, specifically throughout the warmer months of the year. With the high cost of energy, it isn't unusual that the number of bike cyclists out there is substantially increasing. It is everyone's work to do all they could to avoid bike mi...
What if an airplane engine used as motorcycle engine? Does it sound crazy? A mechanic Frank Ohle modified a motorcycle with an airplane engine. Imagine how noisy it will be.
Want to clean your furniture but you don't have any chance to buy new sponge? Try these simple tips if you want to re-use your used sponge.
Recently, states government in Nigeria banned commercial motorcyclist from the streets of most urban areas including state capital. They replaced the motor bike also called "okada" in Nigeria with tricycle. The reason for the banned was as a result of high rate of death from motor bi...
So here I was, standing in front of it, not knowing what to do or how to react...
Girl on a motorcycle was made in 1968 and is a cult movie that is exciting to watch even now.
Accumulation of dirt can damage your motorcycle and cause you to pay for unnecessary expenses. Keeping your motorcycle clean is crucial in the proper functioning of your motorcycle chain. Dirt and mud that is lodged in your chain, can in the long run damage your motorcycle chain.
Marco Simoncelli (20/01/87 - 23/10/11) Moto GP, Gresini Honda
After the Blackbird flies west the White haired one was looking forward to many motorcycle tours. But the love faded and they went their seperate ways and this is their story.
Our two intrepid travellers have reached Googan barra and start to explore
Two friends ,their motorcycles and a wish to visit a special place. Over four parts this is the Blackbird flies West.
In part three our hero's start to make their way back Home
More than one hundred bikers in Dubai, UAE went on a memorial ride to Kalba, UAE to pay respect to the departed soul of their fellow biker Amrit Vikram.
Factor of safety of the rider on the MotoGP race on back into the spotlight. This is sticking out after the death of the Japanese racer Shoya Tomizawa, due to an accident at the San Marino Grand Prix last weekend. Moto2 drivers, before 250 cc class, died after falling from his motorc...
Charles Nelson Pogue's 200 miles per gallon carburetor was a myth but Albert Jacobs 200+ MPG Aerocycle is a reality. Is there an Aerocycle in your future.
The Honda CB600F Hornet is a popular middle-class motorcycle. With its high RPM, 95HP and easy steering it is a recommended bike for first-timers. Here is a review based on three years ownership and 10 000 km.
A look at the history and development of the Brough Superior the Rolls Royce of motorcycles
Thinking about a very old film that was re shown on TV last night, I thought I would put my own slant on it.
The story of the British motor cycle industry, from its great beginnings, to the mistakes made both by management and the workers.
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