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Another story from a hotel. Everyone you meet has a story to tell, so don't judge too quickly!
Motorcycles are frequently discovered on our roads, specifically throughout the warmer months of the year. With the high cost of energy, it isn't unusual that the number of bike cyclists out there is substantially increasing. It is everyone's work to do all they could to avoid bike mi...
Second part of journey by motorcycle to Livingstone, Zambia, and back home to Cape Town via Botswana, the Orange River, Great Bushmanland and the Northern Cape.
Part I of a long motorcycle journey from Cape Town, South Africa, through Namibia and the Caprivi Strip to Livingstone in Zambia, an international heritage studies conference, and home via Botswana, Gordonia, and Great Bushmanland.
Going to the USA for the first time, and a horrible synchronicity, public history in the making, and a classic motorcycle.
Dirt road motorcycle tour in springtime in the Hantam region, South Africa
What is a South African doing, on a motorcycle, in the snow, in December, in the Southern Rockies?
After the Blackbird flies west the White haired one was looking forward to many motorcycle tours. But the love faded and they went their seperate ways and this is their story.
Our two intrepid travellers have reached Googan barra and start to explore
Two friends ,their motorcycles and a wish to visit a special place. Over four parts this is the Blackbird flies West.
Changing the oil in your car is an inexpensive procedure which only takes about half an hour. I change the oil and filter in my car myself to you avoid future repairs and it's not hard to do. Regular oil changes can increase the life of your automobile's engine. It keeps your car ru...
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