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This is a poem about a cat in a chase after a little mouse but who wins in the end?
With the help of funding from the New Zealand government's Swift Point has developed an input device that can use a virtual finger.
~3 legged bunny in your pocket~an underwater experience~considering pleasure~bend over in the bedroom closet~wondering your shoes~who is that behind you~flip-flops or tennies~feels good your feet burn~downtown a hundred degrees~there you are naked~blank-eyed & stiff~window shopping~pr...
Another tongue in cheek piece...such fun to do this...bake a cake hide in plain many words to string together for me to enjoy and perhaps you too.....and as I always say..if the cap fits wear it.....
Once again Warner brothers bring back tom and jerry to the screen with new animations, comics etc etc.
a fight between few pets that ends with a sad/happy ending.
The mouse saves Tom cat from a trap. But, the basic instinct never dies out. Cats like to eat mice. It is a natural law. What happened to the mouse?
A walk with two, er, three, pets, as one tags along!
Thanks to their adaptability House mice are found in every continent except Antarctica. They survive also by exponential reproduction rates. Their relationship with man is convenient (for them), but not essential. This article describes the major characteristics of the House Mouse ...
A rhyme/story for the kids about a frog and a mouse who build a home in a mushroom house. Not for the faint hearted, lol
Explores the idea that physical size counts for little in life. Looks at life from a different angle, where it is the size of the heart that is important as opposed to how tall or short a person might be.
Actual evidence of Mickey’s true and real existence. Read more:
Operate mouse using keyboard number pad. Good tip for emergency purpose.
This is about cute five characters of cartoon world. Tom and Jerry cartoon is based upon the comic fights between an iconic set of enemies, a house cat and mouse. Thief and Police are also that kind of characters like Tom and Jerry. Doremon is also a cat who has magical gadgets and a ...
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with a message worth a thousand words
He wanted a pet, so he asked for an octopus, thinking it would be an eight-sided cat.
The use of this technology is also benificial in “reducing the working space” , it is because having this technology will no longer require to install additional keyboards or mouse pads in the working area.
Debating between getting a computer mouse or a trackpad? Find out what your best bet is.
A cat and mouse story where the mouse survives the cat written in the form of a 100 word Drabble
They are not mice. They are mouse-like tools for computer and it is one of their stories.
A different look at Aesop's "Belling the Cat". Tell me what you think.
If you are on the go often, you probably use your laptop a lot. How do you extend your battery life?
This is a little experience that revolved around me. On my way to Lahore, I had run into small 'monkey trouble'.
Some cats are champion hunters, some are not and some find alternative prey
Being one of the nicest mouse I have ever touched I have decided to share my experience of it!
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